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Loaded with safety off. btw, put the phone down, you can call for the authorities after the fireworks are over.


would be good to have a REAL weapon too. That piece of plastic she’s holding wouldn’t do her much good unless she was playing army with the 6th graders down the block.

tiki god

psh post

The Matrix: Rebooted

A rifle for home protection?? I’ve always been of the school of thought that a short barrel shotgun is the best home defense firearm. The distinct sound of a shell being chambered should be enough to scare most crooks away before you even see them.


A talking rifle?


Looks like an Oleg Volk photo, awsome guy. An AR15 is probably the best home defense weapon. Plenty of ammo that wont penetrate two pieces of drywall, and still plenty lethal. Though really it should have a red dot style optic and a light attached to it. Shotguns are decent second choice, and perhaps from having to contend with authorities afterward, perhaps better. I would use a short barreled shotgun. Wouldn’t want to loose the investment in the new barrel and $200 tax stamp. Yeah the lower receiver is plastic, looks like a cavalry arms lower. Great performers, just can… Read more »


I bought my mom a shotgun for mother’s day b/c she was wanting some “home” protection…its pretty straight forward and she’s less likely to miss.

Lol in the state of Texas (whoop!) you can shoot someone at night after a warning shot (or verbal warning depending on the county) in an area not permitted as “intentional” (ie…the leg)…

but last I checked this it was 2005


Nimbo called it, another Oleg Volk pic, most of the ARs in his work use Cav Arms lowers.


Safety is on, btw. on an armalite rifle, when the arm points toward the stock, it’s safe


“Uhh, yeah.. Fire Brigade.. my cat’s stuck up a tree.”
*long silence*
“My rifle?”


safety is definitely on

it’s like that on a regular M-16, unless the THC coating on my neurons is too thick

i got out of the army in 1996, and haven’t held an M-16 since so i may be wrong. but i remember that position being safety, the next click was 3 round burst, and straight up and down was semi auto. i think.


also, SPORTS



In texas the castle law applies, meaning if someone has broken into your house you dont need any warning shot or verbal warning. You just have to back off once they are no longer a threat, (ie no coup de grace) oh by the way WHOOP (2002)


It takes at least 10 seconds to get through to a live person if you call 911.


Anyone think that a better solution all round would be to fix 911 rather than buy automatic weapons?

It’s all very well to fantasise about stepping up and protecting your loved ones with your spiffing blob of blue steel, but ask people who have actually had to kill someone how long it took them to come to terms with it.


I have anon, been in the service. Most of the guys who have had to taken lives to save their friends slept like babes afterwards.