Blind Fury Movie Poster – A real life Iaijutsu

blind_fury.jpg (79 KB)

I use to love this movie as a kid that dude was super kick ass. It’s apparently a knock off of a long running Japenese show –

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    This movie was cool when it came out.

    Of course I did like guns and ninjas at the time.

    I have a feeling that if I watched it now – I would be to embarrassed to talk about it.


    Wow, I think I remember Rutger Hauers last major film to be Surviving the Game with Ice T. Too bad he didn’t have the Blind Fury when Ice capped him in the head!!


    Rutger Hauer = The Man.
    Also, he was the basis for the protagonist in the Shadowrun game for SNES.


    Is it wierd that the first thing I thought when I saw this was; “Most of those guns are still capable of firing?”


    you fuckers know token2k6’s comment made you lose the game


    That poster certainly doesn’t capture the mood of the movie. Very strange.

    I like Rutger Hauer as an actor. “The Hitcher” was kick ass. “Flesh and Blood” was great as well.

    I doubt I’ve seen all his flicks- are there any that sucked?


    I must say, Natedog has a point.

    token2k6: You Phail. And by association, anyone who is wondering why token phails, also phails. Go watch the movie again. Just to reinforce how much you phail.

    Here endeth this public service announcement. 😛


    Rutger Hauer is one of my favorite actors and I’m willing to watch pretty much any movie he makes. If you want a fun li’l movie, check out “Split Second”.


    @... Phyreblade and ttudrew98: I really have to hand it to you guys…did you guys go out to blockbuster to re-watch the end of this shiteous movie or just look it up on wikipedia?? Sorry I’m not fresh up on my late 1990 movie endings as much as you guys are. And besides, Ice may not have DIRECTLY capped him in the head, but he did cause his gun to explode at his head when he clogged it, so its almost the same thing. NO FAIL!!!! (OH AND WTF did PHAIL come from? Maybe an inate knowledge of crappy movies… Read more »

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