Top Gear USA

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    I think Leno could be the perfect US version of Clarkson. Adam Corolla? ill pass. He does share names with a small car however…maybe that counts for something?


    Do not want.


    Top Gear USA is to Top Gear UK as Office USA is to Office UK: lame, watered down, boring, bullshit crap.

    And where the hell is the grumpy, ugly, middle aged man?


    Yea, I’ll pass. I’ll watch the 10 seasons I have of the real Top Gear instead while waiting for new episodes.

    The Lawnmower

    It the hosts, not name of the show.

    Top Gear USA will fail miserably.

    teezy weezy

    Top Queer more like.

    mumm ra

    Am i the only one who loves Adam Carolla? No homo!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Top Gear is popular because of the hosts.

    Unless the other two are mysteriously hilarious this will suck major ass.


    What makes Top Gear are that 2 out of 3 hosts are flabby, crabby brits with a dry sense of humor. Adam Corolla has as much charisma as his car counterpart.

    And anyway… that thin veil of advertising they’re paid to do for featured cars… say good bye to the veil. This show would clearly be an advertising vehicle (sorry) for the ailing US auto industry, and not much else.


    Do not want Top Gear USA. I’m a fan of Adam corolla , but again do not want this show.

    Just give me more Top Gear UK.




    Lots of fire! and BEES!!!!


    Isnt the new Series of TG UK due on this weekend? I’ve d/led and rewatched 1-10 over the past couple of months a fair few times.


    Adam Corolla’s act is so damn tired, I cant believe that guy is still slouching into roles. He has gravy trained his whole career off better talents…well dr. drew was also a major jackass.

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