Tetris Storage Unit In Use

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A couple of people were commenting in the earlier post of this that it didn’t look like it could support much; so i figured I’d do a repost of it with stuff in it. Pretty much just aimed at storminator actually.

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    I want one! Now!




    😀 Must have!


    So how’d you put it together? I know nothing about carpentry, so I have no idea how to make something like this. The books next to the violin seem especially in danger of causing it to collapse, but WTF do I know, I only build things with bytes and bits.


    And is it just me, or is that violin missing a bridge?


    Nope, no bridge; which is prolly why it’s on a shelf and not in a case.


    Yeah, seriously, what are the odds of you posting the ‘how to’ or at least the measurements? It would be a fun summer project, especially if people jumbled up the pieces and such. Good job, and yes, it’s a bit sad that the violin looks like it’s more of a decoration piece..


    hooray! i was hoping you’d make a post like this.

    for people who want measurements, it’s easy; a VHS case is what? 7″ tall, roughly?

    you can guess the size by the pieces; if they’re all properly squared, that is. a tetris piece is made of squares so if one of those is 7″x7″ and you count the bits of wood as well, you should be able to easily guess the size of the shelf.

    my guess is about 45″ by 30″ or thereabouts.


    My mate just gave a recommendation.

    How about making the pieces separate so it can be reconfigured into different shapes?

    You could put magnets or tongues and grooves in the walls to keep it together.


    Motion: Storminator = pwn’d

    Any seconds?


    *golf clap*




    Explorer Loki

    Already been done.


    TrebleMaker : You want measurements for this? Let’s just say that if you think you need someone to give you measurements for this then you don’t have the skills to make it. You should start off with something simpler.

    Blue Wahoo : From the earlier pics I didn’t realize it was that big. Brilliant! BUTT JOINT FTW! 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    Actually, no, Nathan. From the earlier pics, it clearly looked like it was just nailed together, with no joinery whatsoever. This is because what we thought was a picture of the case unpainted was a picture of the case unpainted without any form of assembly. It was an honest mistake.


    thirded golf clap


    Storminator on an unfinished product: “Looks like it’ll fall apart…Epic fail”

    Motion passed, btw 🙂


    Keep your day job- you are no carpenter.

    A couple more colors and you’d have the GAY FLAG!



    jondoh wishes he had wahoo’s carpentry skills.

    so when do these go on sale in the US?


    I wish I had the free time to do something this awesome.

    Do they hand out dickhole licenses with interwebs access these days?

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