Combat Beard – I’m so hardcore, I hate kevlar and grew my own face armour

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    Better than wearing this thing anyways.


    Mercs, or special forces. They`re hardore.
    And in Afghanistan man without beard is probably like wearing bullseye, so…


    That pic is soo like three years old.


    Technoviking joined Blackwater?


    He’s US Army Special Forces, “Green Berets,” and yeah he can take out Norris, Optimus Prime, Lo-Pan, Superman and every single Power Ranger.

    US SPECDEVGRU guys like him are trained in “unconventional warfare” and before being sent on missions, they have this specialized simulation mission in some backwater mid-western town where actual civilians are contracted as “insurgents” and the goal is to use other civilians in their cause to help or hinder you. Long story, google it. But I digress, them nigras be sproutin beardz and halpin da localz in dat der Eyerack.


    Special forces operators have to grow a beard whilst deployed in Middle Eastern countries to gain the respect of the local men.

    If you have an interest in the Green Berets read ‘Masters of Chaos’ by Linda Robinson.


    Hah, I’ve got that book within arm’s reach, Haven’t read it yet though.

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