Multi-use liquor bottle

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Sorry about the picture quality, just don’t make phone cameras like they used to. Pic of the most looked at bottle in the liquor store I work at…for obvious reasons.

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    i see a bong


    Hopefully they drink the booze before hitting the bong, although that never worked out well for me…


    I know someone who has the cactus-looking one. I think it’s supposed to be a figure of the agave plant, because that is some wicked expensive tequilla! The bottle is like, hand-made AND numbered!


    I believe the inner vessel has añejo tequila and the outer vessel has silver or reposado. They have this in stock at my local BevMo, but it’s a wee on the expensive side to consider… there’s plenty of fucking awesome tequilas that cost less than half that.


    That. Is. Not. A. Bong.


    Just get the cheap shit. Why pay $40 for a bottle of patron when it’s just going to be gone like any other bottle.

    Studies show that the price of something effects the consumers thought.

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