Golden Gate Bridge

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    this is where those Chineeseses were taking that picture in X-Men 3
    whats up with them and peace signs?


    The “peace” hand gesture we westerners are familiar with is a “V” for our squinty-eyed friends in Chinese Land.

    The “V” stands for victory I believe. As illustrated when Pikachu busts out the rapeage–while standing on his victim’s smoldering corpse–does the “V” and triumphantly yells “Pee Pikachu!”

    Also, the GGB is ok and all, but toll is 5 goddamn dollars and they are going to raise it again soon. Fking Nazis!

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Not only a high toll, but we get head on collisions there often enough to be odd due to the city believing that red plastic cones are a good barrier between oncoming lanes on something that has one of the most head-snappy touristy views in the Bay Area.



    I ain’t from LA where they crip walk; I’m from the Bay where they thizz talk.


    Lol, bastards knocked off San Andreas!


    Hey, that’s Jizzy B’s club!

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