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Diagram showing the appearances and relative sizes of 18 basal species of Ceratopsians (frilled, beaked dinosaurs typified by Triceratops). Animals are shown in order of geologic stage from left to right and top to bottom, with species names and stage information as annotation.

Ceratopsians were beaked herbivores who lived in what are now North America and Asia, during the Cretaceous Period. Early members such as Psittacosaurus were small and bipedal. Later members, including ceratopsids like Centrosaurus and Triceratops, became very large quadrupeds and developed elaborate facial horns and a neck frill.

Image credit: ArthurWeasley

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    I wish /I/ had a tail with a patch of grass on it.


    Ha! Patch-of-grass-tail does not look happy about it.


    Yeah, growing pot on your ass would totally rock!!


    These are my favorite kinds of topians.

    Those grass patches are actually part of their anatomy. I just looked it up, and I was totally like no wai! and then the internet was like WAI!


    The m stands for mmmmmm, that sure is a fun dinosaur.


    I don’t get it, these things lived like a couple thousand years ago, how the fuck do they know what COLOR their skin is? Or even what they looked like, all we have is bones… These things might have looked like huge fuzzy things, or like peacocks instead of that tuft of grass thing. I mean, these things are ancient, and we can’t even figure out the Antikythera mechanism, and that’s something WE built!

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