the pick of destiny movie poster

haven’t watched this yet, is it any good?

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    Never did see this, but I love Jack Black movies. Any good?


    never saw it either, but i was told if you’re a stoner/embrace the whole stoner concept then you’ll love it. if not, then not for you.


    It took 3 attempts to get me to like it. Attempt number 3 I was drunk, hence I liked it.

    go figure?

    Though, the opening song is my ringtone as we speak.


    never noticed the devil arm til now, nice touch.


    I hate musicals but this one is really cool


    The only comment I’ve heard for it was “I never did enough drugs in college”
    you can take that as either good or bad.


    It’s not bad enough to be “bad funny,” and neither is is good enough to be good. Just listen to the first album. The other guy, Kyle I think, can’t act at all. They take the movie too seriously.


    I dont really like Jack Black, but parts of this movie were pretty good. Some of the scenes were just so absurd as to be quite funny. It actually surprised me to find that he is a very talented singer.


    Dave Grohl as Satan is worth the price of admission, really. That and Meatloaf & Dio are in it! For a good barometer on the level of absurdity you can expect, I can only say “boner push ups.”


    This movie basically explains how Tenacious D formed in a humorous manner. It’s definitely worth watching while drunk/high/bored.


    It’s OK, but not nearly as good as the HBO specials. If you can find those on DVD definitely check them out.


    it was terrible. then again, i despise this “band”.