Clips Vs magazines


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    I LOL’d.

    This would be funnier if weren’t so sad. FFS, they’re two different things. Use your words!!11111!11!

    Luke Magnifico

    Nobody cares.


    …and who is it that didn’t know the difference? why is this relevant?


    Care factor: zero.


    I like when people use the word clip instead of magazine, it provides instant identification of ignorance and from that point on I can just ingore the idiot.

    Alec Dalek

    Is it lonely in your world?


    Yeah, because ignorance with regard to weaponry infers ignorance in all things.


    lol omg this is so good. I used to play airsoft. I kept saying clips the first time I played. Everyone turned around and told they were “fucking magazines”. I then asked them if there were any hot models in these magazines and they told me to “GTFO”


    Not everyone in America gains experience with guns during their lifetime. I’m 28 and am rather proud to have never even touched one.

    It’s a culture thing. People in Alabama still hunt and so they need to know how to use them. I live in a Los Angeles suburb, and so I don’t.

    That said, I suppose this knowledge could be gleaned from popular media and not actual use. At worst, one who doesn’t know could be accused of ignorance of pop culture.

    teezy weezy

    Must be an American thing.


    AlecDalek, it is lonely in DasMaus’s world, because I’ve been ‘ingoring’ him.


    “Not everyone in America gains experience with penises during their lifetime. I’m 28 and am rather proud to have never even touched one.”

    Anyways, I preferred the variant of this one that ends with a paperclip and girlie mag.


    Not knowing the difference is a perfectly legitimate reason for mixing up the two terms, but don’t say it doesn’t matter. If the pic was saying there’s a difference between a round and a bullet, then I’d agree it was splitting hairs. Different words for (more or less) the same thing is one thing, but different words for different things is entirely different.

    “Bee, wasp, what’s the difference?”
    “Well, if one stings me, it’ll hurt. If it’s the other, I’ll die.”

    If you can’t say what you mean, you can’t mean what you say.


    it’s not that there isn’t a difference, it’s just that nobody who isn’t a slavering gun nut gives a shit.


    Nice generalization juicey. I guess anyone who likes tits is a sex nut porn star too.


    Totally agree with you DasMaus, my question is why all the hatred from your critics?


    Slavering porn nuts argue over things like people referring to puffy nipples, when in fact it’s the areola which is puffy. Anyone who likes tits is just the average male, a breastfeeding baby or a lesbian.


    Well, when the zombies come, I’d rather have a couple mags than a couple clips.

    Luke Magnifico

    If someone tells you to make sure there’s a clip in a gun, and the gun is missing a magazine, and you’re too stupid to put 2 and 2 together, then it’s your own damn fault.


    gor – I’m not sure, I know some people don’t like to have the fact that they’re an ignorant idiot pointed out to them. They could be insecure anti-gunners who dispise that fact that some people who own guns actually know about them…or maybe they’re just fuck-tards.


    How can people be so proud of not understanding simple words in the English language? Or, to paraphrase:



    Somebody should have posted a picture with some copies of Playboy, National Geographic and Life scattered around, next to one with a whole bunch of paperclips falling out of an open box.


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