My dog

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    bright green

    Sir your dog is fucking disgusting.



    Your dog is adorable. ^_^

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Picture of my pet” should be a theme-day

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    agree with bright green 1000%

    So did buying a retarded dog make your dick grow any?


    Well at least you got a retarded dog out of it. I hope you have kids some day and it kills them (as they’re prone to do).

    retag this ‘disgusting’ ‘stupid’ and definitely not “cute”.


    Magnus you’re an idiot. My grandma has a pitbull (a pitbull terrier I think), and it is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met. The way a dog acts is a reflection of it’s owner. If you give a family with lots of young kids a Jack Russell for example, it will be very energetic, very active, and will be yapping like mad all the time. Give one to a dottering old woman, and that one will be the mirror opposite.

    You could give an old lady a doberman, and then give a Nazi supremacist gangster a chihuahua, the the chihuahua will be more vicious by far.


    Hum. The trolls are out in force today. I don’t really like dogs, but this one’s a cutie 😀


    If you’re a responsible person, you can raise whatever dog you want without any negative consequences.


    Not a reflection of its owner, but of its training. For instance, my grandmother has a dog- and she lives alone, quietly, mind- and it’s insanely energetic. Because she never got around to actually training it to behave.

    tiki god

    I’m with Ben1605 on this one. My terrier was a holy terror when I first got her, but since she’s been with me and my beagle, she’s calmed down a ton.

    Also, one of my coworkers has a pit, and he’s the biggest pushover I’ve ever met

    bright green

    Go Magnus

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Pitbulls were not a recognized breed and were heavily inbred for many generations.

    They are by definition retarded. They have double hinging jaws that can lock. They are predisposed to attacking children and small animals. It has sweet fuck all to do with the fucking owner you twit.


    Since 1982 pitbulls have been responsible for over 2/3’s of dog related fatalities and are illegal in many regions for good reason.

    Your grandmother is a fucking loser and you’re a moron. stfu and gtfu.

    There is no debate on this and the whole nurture aspect is garbage. These animals are disgusting lumps of shit and deserve to be exterminated. Anyone who owns one is a fucking loser. There is not one single good reason to buy this bag of shit breed over a real dog. I’m so sick of people crying about how “its the owner”. No it is not. Your grandmother may find out the hard way when her precious pet does the a-typical pitbull snap and clamps onto her neck.

    Try reading up on these thinks before shooting your mouth off. A pitbull has the similar chemical make up in its brain as an 80 year old Alzheimer’s patient.

    Dogs can be trained because breeders have been careful over many years to avoid inbreeding (thats why your breeder has to register and certify your pet). Pitbulls didn’t get that kind of treatment and were only bred based on which one killed better. Lots of inbreeding as a result and now you have an animal that only serves as a compensation tool for scared little poor people.



    If you’ve ever been around a properly raised pit bull, you would scratch your head and wonder at those numbers.

    You’re making your case with logic, and it does make sense. There are a lot of pit bulls out there that come from the awful type of breeding your talking about, but there are people that breed them because they’ve seen well raised pit bulls that aren’t just born for biting things.

    My brother has a pit bull that would not hurt a soul, and I’ve met plenty of people who have told me the same about their own dogs. If they really are retarded, then maybe they just need the right kind of rearing to keep from becoming the type of monster the media defines them as.


    So there’s someone other than me on this site that is for the extermination of retards. Cool. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, please.


    Sorry, Magnus. You set off fireworks for your ignorance when you mentioned the locking jaws. You probably never read anything else about the breed either, and I’ll bet you’ve never known families that kept well trained ones. Just like any other breed, pits can be aggressive and act out if they are untrained. Many reports of attacks however, are in fact other breeds misidentified as pits.

    Here, start dispelling some ignorance.

    beep beep

    I don’t like these dogs because they are like the Hummer of pets: really ostentatious, used as a status symbol. These dogs are one of the worst fads that have come out of the rap scene.


    News flash: “pit bulls” were around long before the “rap scene.”

    And yes, how an owner raises a pet is the biggest impact of all on how a dog or any other, domestic animal turns out.

    If a dog is born to inherently act a certain way, then why do German Shepherds need training before they become part of a K-9 unit? And why do Collies still need to be trained on how to help herd cattle, despite the fact both breeds have been doing those jobs for centuries? Even in the worst cases, these pit bulls STILL need training to compete in those dog fighting competitions.

    Good training goes a long way.

    bright green

    Just wondering, if i hadn’t of left that comment would there be this many replys?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    again with the lame ass inexcusable lack of logic: you can untrain retardation and genetically predisposed aggressive traits.
    Though that guy cites Rottweilers as in the same category based on his own experience.

    ” In the United States, pit bulls make up one to three per cent of the overall dog population and cause more than 50 per cent of serious attacks.”


    Read up yourself on a credible resource not bastardized by bias and written by Joe Sixpack.

    I’ve seen lots of these dogs. I’ve also seen two homos in Vegas dance with a tiger. Now only one of them does. Guess why…

    You can’t train a tiger to be your friend anymore than you can a pitbull. You can exist with them peacefully until they decide otherwise. Then you’re fucked.

    They do have double hinged locking jaws. Pure bred pitbulls. Of course that picture there isn’t even a purebred one. The longer head indicates its one of the many larger versions that have been bred with mastiffs for size. They’re more common of course because the same insecurities that drive stupid people to buy these walking penile enlargements drives them to want something bigger.

    There’s no debate on this. No convincing otherwise. I’ve been through this with people before and no one can ever provide any good reason to buy one of these fucking things instead of a real dog.



    Out of all those attacks, how many have been due to owners who had no idea how to properly raise a pit bull? Pit bulls CAN be raised to be good, family dogs, although there are definitely better choices.

    And you’re comparing a pit bull to a Siberian tiger? Really?

    There are even wolves and wolf hybrids out there being raised by people, and they seem to be doing pretty good.

    In the wrong, ignorant hands, ANY breed of domesticated animal can be raised to be a violent, unfriendly monster.


    Stop feeding the trolls.


    Instead, feed the troll to the dog.



    “In the wrong, ignorant hands, ANY breed of domesticated animal can be raised to be a violent, unfriendly monster.”

    Especially Chihuahuas. Those damned things are just as murderous as the worst trained pit bull, they just don’t have the muscle to back it up.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya all that makes sense.

    Proven facts vs. uninformed opinions based on casual experience

    Facts win.

    Yes I am comparing a tiger to a pitbull. Both have demonstrated that they can be domesticated but still have within them a natural tendency to turn.

    And ffs do you losers really think “troll” is a usable term anymore? lol Pitbull owners are life’s trolls.

    Even in the most capable hands pitbulls are still retarded and useless.

    btw: still no reason to own one over a real dog. No one can ever provide that. lol


    Facts? You still have yet to show anything supporting your claim of a pit bull’s brain being similar to that of an 80 year with Alzheimer’s, and it’s pretty much been proven that the pit bull “jaw locking” thing is a complete myth.
    “The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of Pit Bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any [other] breed of dog. There is absolutely not evidence for the existence of any kind of ’locking mechanism’ unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier, says Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin of the University of Georgia (from the ADBA booklet, “Discover the American Pit Bull Terrier.) ”

    And comparing a pit bull to a Siberian tiger is kind of pointless in that Siberian tigers have *never* been widely domesticated. Sure, maybe a couple of circuses have here and there, but that’s about it.

    Magnus, you’re the one that seems to be forming a biased opinion against all facts and evidence. After all, the most you’ve done to support your claims is make statements like “there’s no debating this.”

    Nobody wants you to buy a pit bull, so stop acting like we’re all begging you to go out and buy one right this instant. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but don’t act like some damn martyr and say stupid shit like

    “There’s no debate on this. No convincing otherwise. I’ve been through this with people before and no one can ever provide any good reason to buy one of these fucking things instead of a real dog. ”

    Not a single person here has tried to tell you to go out and buy a pit bull. In fact, you’re the one that started this stupid ass argument. Nobody’s trying to convince you to OWN one. I could not possibly care less what sort of dog you want to own/don’t want to own. I’m just trying to point that maybe, just maybe, your opinions are wrong on the nature of pit bulls.


    I’ve owned Pits before. They can be fantastic dogs. They can be very sweet dogs. They can be viscious dogs. They can be destructive dogs. I’ve seen ’em all. For the most part, Pits are one of the most insecure dog breeds I’ve met next to Chihuahua’s.

    It’s NOT the dogs fault. It is the owner and how they raise them. They got a bad rap. If more people owned Huskies, then we’d all know how many people they bite- which is WAY more than any Pit. (I used to live in Alaska- I know). Why do you think Sled Dog teams are chained apart from each other?

    Bottom line: I’ll never own another Pit. Give me a Lab. Labs rock.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So still no reason and guess what? In my ivory tower and the province surrounding it its now illegal to buy or own a pitbull.

    So all your whining is for nothing because pitbull bans are gaining steam and soon enough they’ll go the way of the fucking dodo. Suck on that.

    Skubyr00 loves his dog. Great. If it kills your kid its your own fault. Good luck living with that. I hope putting your families lives and those around you at stake is worth the joy you get from owning a dangerous animal.


    Ya thats a real unbiased source right there lol

    But wait…its got a Dr quoted! So do the other penile enlargement gimmicks.

    My opinions are right and shared by most intelligent people.

    There’s no reason to own a pitbull. But a real dog and grow up.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    But = Buy

    I should proofread but I’m doing 4 things at once here.

    storminator learned well and now he owns a real dog. Labs do rock. Great dogs. But it wouldn’t win in a fight with a shit eating retard like the one pictured up there so insecure little pussies buy pitbulls instead. Its the dogs fault because its retarded. its the owners fault for the same reason.

    Now you’ve got the blind leading the blind with a whole bunch of blind people cheering them on.

    Open your eyes: pitbulls and their owners are a joke.


    The website its on might not be unbiased, but the study the website is quoting IS.

    Go ahead and look for any information supporting your claims. I have yet to find a single, reliable source citing that the brain of a Pit is similar to that of a 80 year old person with Alzheimer’s or that Pit Bulls can “lock” their jaws.

    And yes, you can bet that I will believe a Dr. long before I believe what AUS BUTT states.

    There isn’t a dog on Earth that can lock its jaws. There’s a difference between being able to “lock your jaw” and “having a strong enough jaw that it would take extremely strong, outside forces to open it.”

    And measures against pit bulls are gaining steam because of people like who who get whipped up into a frenzy because of a few, unfortunate events and thanks to great specials on Dateline.

    I’m still waiting for you to back up your claim of “lock jaw” and the whole Alzheimer’s thing, since you’re obviously the master of all things factual here. Please, put me in my place since the several references people have cited here that show “lock jaw” is a myth are just not satisfactory to you.

    And I’m the blind one? Yeah, okay. So far, your most hardcore, factual evidence has been claiming that smart people agree with you.

    Good job, you’ve definitely proven yourself in the right by saying everybody who disagrees with you is stupid.

    Hold on while I go find a 5 year old to match wits against you in this argument, since your best attack appears to be along the lines of calling somebody stupid, poor, and wrong.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson has a good point. MY Pits were pretty good, sweet dogs- but they sure were stupid. LOL And the owners I know/knew who have viscious Pits ARE idiots!

    Pits could be bred to be nothing but sweet, like Bull Dogs. Bull Dogs used to be so viscious, they’d clamp onto a bulls nose and hold on until the bull died. Now they’re sweet dogs- with a lot of medical problems. But it’ll never happen because too many idiots are out there, breeding them to fight, like that dumb ass ball player. IDIOT.

    It’s idiots like him that have doomed the Pit breed.


    mAgnUS “They have double hinging jaws that can lock.”

    Anybody without their heads up their asses knows the double-hinged jaw doesn’t exist in the canine world. FAIL.



    Nobody argued that it doesn’t happen, just that they’re are reasons beyond “The dog is retarded,” such as “the owner is retarded” – and the owner is almost always who is at fault. Either they raised it to kill, or they didn’t raise it at all.


    your dog is a cute. magnus you are a cunt troll. what traumatic event happened in your childhood to make you such an insecure faggot that you would tell someone their dog is disgusting. fuck i dont ever want to meet you in real life.


    holy shit.
    lotta comments.


    1) anyone who claims dogs are genetically prone to any behavior is an idiot. i train dogs, so i guess i should know. i’m also part of a breeding program that includes dogs who were bred genetically from staffies and they are absolutely non-aggressive.

    2) mAgnUS BUTTfoorson is an idiot.

    3) that dog is fucking adorable. what’s his name?

    bright green



    What a cute dog. I’m sure it has a good personality too.

    And Magnus, did you know that most people can not identify a pit bull by sight? Many of those dog attacks might be blamed on pit bulls, because they have a reputation for being vicious. Personally, every pit bull I’ve met has been of a very gentle disposition.

    I also used to own a Shepherd-wolf mix who also had a very gentle disposition and was especially kind to children. He growled at one person, once, in the 9 years we owned him, and that person was acting suspiciously. The most vicious, ill-tempered dog I have ever met was a Cairn terrier.


    This looks like a Pitbull Terrier, They’re mostly gentile pacific and loyal dogs. You’re thinking the wrong Pitbull, these don’t tend to be violent unless actually trained to be, while other pitbulls Are naturally violent.


    this is why dogs want to eat people.
    not inbreeding, or improper training.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    look at all those tears

    and not one fucking reason to get the dogs.

    when you fail as a group you fail together!

    silverflux is an especially big tard.

    You breed dogs and you don’t know that breeds have inherent traits? lol

    That’s like being a mechanic and not knowing makes and models of cars differ.

    loser on a whole new level by a great example of the dipshit mentality that made these inbred retarded dogs popular.

    FMS believes his bullshit biased site. So his opinion just went away. Sorry asshole but that’s fucking idiotic thinking. You went to a site made by losers who champion this breed for no reason and found some bullshit to quote. *golf clap*

    That’s a pitbull. Notice after the dog runs away it chases it down again?

    I bet the owner was just like you fucking knobs. “my dog would neeeever do that”.

    Pull your heads out of your asses. This is a joke of an exchange. You have no points still but lots of tears. Congrats. That dog pictured above should be shot. That’s it.

    And no sweetie. No good ol’trauma. Cause just like pitbulls stupidity my intelligence is a genetic trait. Bye bye.


    hmm this sure .. started a whole heap of arguments lol… i dont have the video but there was one where 2 guys raised a lion from cub just when she was born. Until she was 2 big 2 live with the guys and had to send her to Africa to the wild.. and one moment .. where the guys knew that prolly the female lion would not remember them after soo long … when they found her she just ran and leaped onto the guys .. and the lion was huggin and licking them … instead of eating them alive… what im trying to say here is that any intelligent species of animal who haves the ability to literally understand their enviroment and adapt to it and the ability to have a subtle communication, at young age it is the most critical time of there lives and there nature will be decided upon that time. Now i dont want to compare babies & Dogs but i would compare in the factor which is true that at young age there brains are a sponge .. so in which sense it applies here is that it haves to do with these things:
    -Owner’s teaching ways
    so its title, its up to you as the owner to choose your dog’s faith .. BUT upon birth to teach.

    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: i understand your jugdment on your dislikes on pitbull’s maybe because your, your family member or your good friend .. was bitten or lost his life to one .. which gave you a sense of hate upon these species but you always have to remember every living thing from same species is never the same as an other.

    About Stupidty: i have to take no side upon this rather i choose to be nuetral because i can takle both sides with proper arguments. For example.. mAgnUS, when an animal or baby or any living species which can have a high intellect to think like we do or rather similar are always dumb at birth.. when you was born .. you was dumb as a doorknob so was everyone.. but it was our parents duties to teach us abilities of thinking, which made us smarter .. why is there some kids smarter than the others.. because the parents were devoted to teach there child everything thing they know and can whereas some did less … now same shit applies to animals & owners.. some owners treat there dog like shit so what happens the dog “adapts” and have a violent nature.. so what i can say is now that no animal or human is stupid because we have the ability to think , build, discover .. and last but not least “reproduce” Nom Nom Nom ^^ 😀


    if you go look at those cases … of dogs animal attacks.. theres is or was animal abuse.. owner hitting the animal..
    and ofcourse the nature of that species were to defend himself and dogs ..dont forget i can tell you that .. if you hit a dog he would remember and next time you approach him he would defend himself …. and bites.. so lemme say the dog is the only 1 to blame ??? and also which happens allot in cases where in families i’ve heard allot is that there 3 ~ 6 year old kid hits the dog … well the kid dont know what hitting is .. but the dog feels the pain, and will defend themself next time and now that the kid hits the dog repeatedly the dog bites the kid not wanting to kill, but like a saying .. “stop fucking hitting me ” so the kid dies .. then parents blame dog. and then they put the dog 2 sleep. but really it all could be avoided if only parents would fulfill there duty to teach there kid(s) what they were ment to be tought.


    btw i was soo into this i forgot to ask your dog’s name. he look adorable and im sure you do a good job making him happy!


    Wow I’ve seen mAgnUS BUTTfoorson post some ignorant, offensive bullshit before but he’s outdone himself this time. The whole “locking jaw” thing is completely untrue (look it up, dumbass), which means everything this delta bravo types is likely untrue as well. You may hate your sad pathetic little life but don’t take it out on others.


    And your video proves what, Magnus? That Pits kill other dogs? Well damn, that’s just some awesome, late breaking news.

    Still not sure how this proves your statements that Pit Bulls can “lock their jaws” and “their brains have a chemical make up that resembles that of a 80 year old person with Alzheimer’s.” Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t see any of that being proven in the video.

    Magnus, you’ve pretty much been proven wrong but you’re so convinced that your opinion > fact and other people’s experiences, that you pretty much refuse to believe anything else.

    And the only thing I believed from my “biased” site was the “locking jaw” bullshit. I could care less what else the website said. Go ahead, Magnus. Provide us with ANY website that says pit bulls can lock their jaws. I’m still waiting for you to provide any substantial evidence to back up your ignorant ass comments.

    Just because you say you’re right doesn’t mean you are right. Grow the fuck up, Magnus. Your argument’s been reduced to calling people idiots and dismissing any opinion that clashes with your own. Good job on being a complete, immature dumbass. You’ve pretty much proven that 1) you have no, real experience with dogs) and 2) your opinions are completely biased and based mostly on a fear you’ve gotten from the media.

    Nobody believes anything you say, you’ve proven to be nothing but a complete shit stain that should stay on 4chan’s boards for the rest of his life, and you’re full of bullshit. Congratulations.


    ownt… lol


    god i love this blog


    Magnus: The Pitbull in the video is not a terrier like the one shown in the pictures.
    Some pitbulls are inheritely more violent then others.

    The terrier is usually very mellow and is not known for random acts of aggression.

    The video illustrates your ignorance.

    And a dog owning the other. Pwnt.


    In this thread, win comes from fail.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Still no reason. Funny huh?

    The video is of a pure bred pitbull.

    The jaw locking has NEVER been disproved and the reason for the so called myth is the construction of the jaw. Look it up ffs.

    Terriers as a type of dog are known for aggression. That’s a part of any terrier.

    FMS has succeeded in attacking me for not adhering to some mysterious maturity he expects on the internet. That’s sad. His opinion is based on nothing other than a pathetic attempt at defending a position that has no defense. And in attacking me he’s displayed the exact kind of behavior that makes his man-ovaries pump blood into his virtual vagina. Boo hoo bitch.

    Sorry the video didn’t have a narrator relaying the facts about the stupid dog. lol It clearly shows the typical mentality of the dogs when they snap.

    You’re the one who should grow up FMS. Get an education. Get a life. Get out into the real world and quit bitching. This has degenerated quickly because you react like an 8 year old. Fuck off. If you’re really that sad and pathetic take out a bank loan and get an actual penile enlargement or hair plugs or lipo or whatever it is that’s causing you to reach for anything to compensate with. In trying to defend these dogs you’ve just proven what I said: only retards want these things.

    If there was a discernible reason to own one of these stupid things someone would have said it. Basically its “cause I wanna”. Well your wants to not outweigh others rights to not be placed in harms way. So cry all you like but these things will not be around much longer.

    This is boring and going nowhere. You can’t talk sense into people who thrive on nonsense. Talk amongst yourselves kids but I’m not being baited into ripping on you any further.



    Magnus is accusing somebody else of being immature and acting stupid? Coming from the guy who you can always count on to post the most absurd, racist stuff, that doesn’t mean too much. Sorry, that’s just too much.

    And I’m still not sure how that video proves anything. I’m pretty sure I could look up videos of other dogs attacking other dogs, too.

    Magnus, you clearly missed the part where I stated that I literally could not find any evidence to support your claim of a pit bull’s jaw containing a “locking mechanism.” Since you’re the one who made this claim in the first place, I’d probably say the burden of proof is on you. Especially since, like I said, your only response to people proving you wrong has been:

    “Get an education.”
    “I’m smart.”
    “You’re dumb.”
    “Intelligent people agree with me.”

    Sorry, but none of the above accounts for jackshit in the way of proving your point.

    Also, I’m not sure how I could make it any clearer that no dog IN THE ENTIRE WORLD has a “locking jaw.”

    And quit acting like a martyr. You pretty much asked for all of this, so don’t act like everybody’s just attacking you for no reason. You stirred shit up, what did you expect?

    And I’m 8 years old? You’re the one that seems obsessed with cocks, btw, judging on how many times you’ve mentioned the word “penis” and the phrase “penis enlargement.” Sorry, but nobody else seems to be as occupied with dicks nearly as much as you.

    And if you want to disprove anything I’ve said, then go ahead. Give me decent evidence, and I’ll admit I’m wrong. I really will. But implying I have a vagina really doesn’t support your claim too much. Even if I was fat, needed hair plugs, and had ovaries, I still don’t see how any of that would make you right.

    I still think it’s odd that you have yet to even address your whole “pit bulls brain resembling that of an 80 year old person with Alzheimer’s” claim. Maybe you realized it was fucking retarded, entirely wrong, and you’re now avoiding that issue as to pretend it never happend? I can only guess.

    Just for the sake of further argument, let’s say you’re right. Let’s say I am fat. I am balding, and I have ovaries. I’m 8 years, and I have apparently never been out in the “real world.”

    Hm…weird…I’m still not sure how any of that makes you right. I guess I’m missing something.

    Besides, Magnus, isn’t this all over your head? I mean, after all, your specialty seems to be racial slurs mostly towards black people, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much in an argument having to do with anything outside of that realm. Don’t worry, there’s a new pic on the front page of a black guy with a gun. Have at it!


    I’ve always liked hearing the names of animals. Its so interesting to know what you name your companions. I think they’re might even be a science to it.


    Pit bulls used in therapy, Little Rascals, war heroes,

    Famous ones

    A news piece

    I’m sure this will interest someone

    Obviosuly not a threat

    I absolutely do NOT buy the locking jaw theory. Unfortunately after a very sleepy hour of googling I don’t have any without a doubt unbiased articles to support with. But I also haven’t seen any articles proving it either. In fact, most of the sites I’ve seen talking about the danger of pit bulls say things like, “They may not actually have locking jaws,” or “Their jaws most likely don’t lock,” and even several of these profess that the locking jaw is a myth.

    So if their jaws really lock, please show us something that proves it.

    And that dog is absolutely adorable. Is he a cuddler?

    bright green

    I has to make this 60 comments.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Those are pitbulls. Pure bred.

    From whats affectionately known as “The dangerzone bloodline”.

    No crossbreeding. Just inbreeding.

    Take all the pretty pictures you want and post them lol. I can show you some real nifty pictures of a fucking lion that makes it look quite docile too.

    Point being they snap. Which I’ve said. Which you guys just don’t want to hear because it nullifies all your bullshit. The dogs snap like a retarded kid in a heatwave and they have demonstrated they like to attack and kill other dogs and children.

    blah blah blah

    Get bit yourselves. We’ll all be better off with a few less stupid people around. Just make sure it only kills you okay? Thanks.

    bright green

    Am I the only one who wants to see how many comments this post can gather?


    Their jaws DO NOT LOCK… they have the jowls from hell, in case you’re blind and haven’t noticed.

    Stong jaw+ total determination.

    I once had a friend who would tell his Pit to “get the branch”, and that dog would latch onto the tree branch and chew until it fell off of the fucking tree.

    That’s no shit.

    I hated that dog. He nipped the ears and the tail- so you never knew if it was in a friendly mood- or a blood-thirsty mood.

    Actually one of the scariest dogs I’ve ever seen. She was MEAN.

    And it was all HIS FAULT- not the dogs.

    The most FEROCIOUS dog I ever encountered was a Chihuahua. That little fucker would scale the fence until it was eye to eye with me, and growl bark and snarl like it wanted to tear my throat out. I’d touch it’s nose, and it’d go CRAZY! LMFAO

    And that’s no shit, either. LOL

    bright green

    66! sixty six!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Long way to go before it means anything. 😛


    My lab brings me tree trunks too. It’s hysterical to watch him dragging a frikken tree around the yard. I had to put a huge thick metal ring into a slab of concrete to tie him up in the yard. It’s the only thing he hasn’t been able to break. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for his leads.


    Tie him up in the yard?



    Damn…Magnus got owned on an epic scale.


    magnus: Does your penis grow every time you act as a child and make unreferenced claims and then debunk every one else’s referenced ones?

    Get your head out of your ass and open your mind, or, close your mouth.

    You could at least acknowledge another person’s viewpoint.

    I’m not saying all pits are docile. I know one that was beaten and locked in a small cage for the first 2 years of its life. My friend’s brother dogknapped it and took it home to a loving and caring family. Now, the dog acts like a grumpy old man but is a pushover. One other point. His owner once locked herself in a room and pretended that she was being beaten up. The pit went ape shit trying to get in there and protect her. It even went around the house and rounded the owner’s brother up to the locked door.

    Sometimes, with the same pit, if you sit and talk to him, he’ll cry because he can’t understand you.

    NOW tell me pits are retards that turn on their educated and respectful owners.

    Only an ignorant and abusive owner could make these loyal creatures turn on them.


    We now have to tie him up in the yard. We got new neighbors a few months ago and they hold on to their garbage until they get enough to take it to the dump. Every time I let him out he goes straight for the buffet, after which he would be sick, usually in the middle of the night. A couple of months ago he got really sick, I took him to the vet and he’d eaten some Styrofoam meat packaging. $450 and an operation later, he does not get let out w/out being on a lead. He has 35ft radius to run in, so it’s not too bad. Most weekends we take him up to Sleepy Creek Lake (just a couple miles away) and let him run to his heart’s content. It does piss me off though that I do have to keep him on a lead.

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