Every embryos dream

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    bebe sammiches


    Mmm babies!


    Only thing worse than a dead baby. Is a dead baby gone to waste .


    placenta soup?


    babies = delicious


    The other, other white meat.



    the only thing that would make this more win would be if the top billboard started with WAT! instead of WHAT!

    18 days and there is a heartbeat?


    Alec Dalek

    They almost had me, and then I saw the bit about “Heartbeat in 18 days”. I call shenanigans. Christians, over the life of their religion, have killed millions of innocents that had had heartbeats way longer than that. It’s like they really just want to make sure the babies make it into the world so they can get started oppressing them. It’s not like they help the babies they “save” for all the years after their born. Christians are so full of shit sometimes I wonder how they can still have white skin.


    @ Aleck: Christians are not exactly the only fucking psycho jihadists the world have ever seen.

    You’re using the same excuse a black person would use for getting reparations today: You oppressed my ancestors, give me money. Just because they were fucking lunatics back then doesn’t mean they are now.


    one does not have to be a christian or go to church to be pro life people from anywhere on the planet are individuals who can have any number of different combinations of beliefs. even people of the same families often differ in their beliefs dramatically. i am against abortion, but i am pro-choice. i think it is murder, but i dont think it is my place to tell someone else what to do or how to make their choices. also i think the woman should have to have the father’s permission before being able to have the abortion. it’s… Read more »


    Chicken Embryos VS Human Embryos

    Which one has a soul, and which one makes a delicous chicken mcnugget?


    I’m with natedog on this one… There are times when I’d agree with an abortion, like if the pregnancy has a high chance of killing the mother before she can bring it to term, or if a woman gets pregnant as a result of a rape, then yeah, an abortion should be an option. But if you just don’t want the baby? Or “it was an accident”? Or, “I can’t take care of this baby for financial/medical/emotional/psychological issues”? Tough shit. There’s this little thing called responsibility which seems to be an anathema to the modern mindset. You don’t want a… Read more »


    Solid wall of text is solid, lolz.


    There’s a pill in the last stages of production, or already out on the market that is a form of birth control for guys. It can be taken a few hours before sex and work up to three days. No side effects either other than all the little guys die off for a bit. HOWEVER, there’s no pressure or stress on this product and it’s use because there’s so much stress in our society that the woman has to packed and ready for the fucking, and if she gets pregnant it’s her fault, and the baby her’s responsibility. And as… Read more »


    *EDIT Because I suck when I type fast*

    And as a femael I do want to groan and facepalm when girls get knocked up because they’re irresponsible and stupid. I want to slap them, and for some, kick them in the stomach.

    Alec Dalek

    Nice try, but your argument is basically if you kill someone, you don’t have to go to jail, if there are others that have killed. Yes the Islamists are fucking nuts, but they haven’t been around anywhere near as long as Christians. And it’s the Christians that put up the billboard in this case.

    Oh and you lost me with the bit about reparations. I’m not saying Christians owe me money, I’m saying they’re full of shit. I wouldn’t want “free” handouts of money from a Christian anyway. There’s always strings attached.

    Alec Dalek

    And another thing, christians are always going on about how the crusades and inquisition and other embarrassments are a product of a bygone era. They’re passed that now. They no longer go into other countries, with lies and deceit as an excuse, and kill millions of innocents in the name of Jesus… wait, isn’t that exactly what President Dumbass did?