Donkey freed from jail

donkey.jpg (31 KB)

A short clipping from Chicago Tribune.

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    we US Americans are not too far off.

    Lajitas, Texas has elected 3 successive generations of GOATS as MAYOR of the town. i think the names of the goats were Clay Henry Sr., Jr., and III. they are also raging beer-a-holics.

    if i am not mistaken, Henry the III survived an assassination attempt not too long ago…


    Lajitas is not even an incorporated town, they can’t have a mayor.

    Jokes will be jokes. And drunk goats will be… goats? I guess.


    There’s only one way you could beat having a drunk goat as a mayor, and that’s by having one of those goats that faint when they get scared, get it drunk, and have it be mayor.