Waldenburg, Baden-Württemberg,

Waldenburg1945edit.jpg (527 KB)

Waldenburg, Baden-Württemberg, 1945

Infantrymen of the 255th Infantry Regiment move down a street in Waldenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, searching for a fugitive after a recent raid by 63rd Infantry Division in 1945.

Photo credit: 2d Lt. Jacob Harris, U.S. Army

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    Like it or not, those soldiers back then were badass.


    durin that phase.. it turned thousands of usless guys into Marksman Elite


    I stopped for a beer in this city within the last month.

    What you cannot see from the photo is the very cool location of the village. This street (and the small castle where the photo appears to be taken from) is on top of a steep foot hill about 150 meters above the Hohenlohe plains to the north. So 30 meters to either side of this street and your off the hill.

    My first thought was – what a defensible location. Apparently the German Army thought the same. Thus the bombing that led to this picture.


    this looks like one of the images in the opening credits of the first fallout!