Warhammer 40k Bolter

BolterPreRefinish.JPG (492 KB)

998 model bolter. Godwyn pattern with ammo counter, sinister/dexter locking mechanism and sickle magazine containing 30 rounds of .75 calibre bolts with diamantine tips, depleted deuterium core and mass reactive detonators.

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    Very cool


    depleted deuterium?

    i’m sorry, but that’s what people call ‘hydrogen’. i know this as from a game, but that’s just beyond retarded.


    Yeah, Deuterium and Tritium fuse to make helium and lots of energy.. Hence the hydrogen in Hydrogen bomb…

    OK 40K fans.. is it supposed to be Deuterium or Uranium… Also, Deuterium is not radioactive, so how could it be depleted? Uranium on the other hand…


    I am going to assume, based on magazine width, that the mag is single-stack. At .75 caliber (for the uninitiated, caliber = diameter of the round as measured in 100ths of an inch), that magazine has to be almost two feet long. Good job, Games Workshop >.>


    It’s all about the black hole technology in the magazine. THAT’S why it’s so small.


    Looks like its a gun made of chocolate.

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