The Incredible Hulk Movie Stills

This movie is going to kick ass.

Also, Iron Man is in it. Is that awesome?

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    I saw it Monday night. It was better than Ang Lee’s but not as good as Iron Man.

    And just to clarify, Iron Man isn’t in it – Tony Stark is.

    tiki god

    How did you see it already?

    Tony Stark IS Iron Man. I thought everyone knew that.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thanks a lot for the spoiler, tiki!


    :s i thought it was out this friday,

    and the critics are going wild with praise for this movie…


    ehy reboot
    its on cast list for the incredable hulk that robert downy jr will be in it as tony stark
    and when we say tony stark
    we mean TONY STARK tiki
    iron man in his armor wont show up
    just tony stark in his pimp outfit



    There was an advance screening here in WPB.


    the movie business needs to stop making so many damn super hero movies. They are all the same. Have they run out of ideas already??

    tiki god

    I have bad news for you if you don’t like comic book based movies… here’s the marvel slate for the next 5 years:

    Ant Man
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Captain America
    Iron Man 2

    there’s a few others too, but I forgot about them

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I meant the spoiler that Tony Stark is Iron Man. Now the whole movie is ruined for everyone!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    only one guaranteed is Wolverine (the script for which is fucking good). Iron Man 2 is inevitable because it shit cash.

    The rest are hopes and rumours. Thor will happen if Matthew Vaughn’s money trees sprouts buds in time.



    so childish. comic books are only good if used to start fires.

    Billy Manic

    Is it just me or does the random guy in the third pic look somewhat exuberant?


    OK, Ed Norton is a superb actor, but that CGI’d Hulk still looks shitty. Animatronic > CGI. Every fucking time.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Bad news on the movie, apparently Ed Norton saw the final cut of the movie and shit a kitty, said he will no longer endorse the film. This breaks my heart, because I grew up an enormous Hulk fan, I didn’t even mind that on my Hulk underoos he was busting out of the ass.


    is it a bad thing if he shit a kitty?
    why did he?

    tiki god

    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson

    no, those are all from marvel’s own announcements. They’ve already started production on about 1/2 of those, and just about done with the wolverine one.

    here :,,20197922,00.html

    captain america is confirmed to be in the hulk movie that’s coming out this weekend. rumor is that they cut it from the final print though, which would be hella stupid


    This movie was crap. All hail Batman.

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