Huge Snow Drift

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    Insanely Rational

    Woah, major shrinkage, dude.


    When I first came here, this was all snow. Everyone said I was daft to build a power line on snow, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the snow. So I built a second one. That sank into the snow. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the snow. But the fourth one stayed up.



    +10 intarwebz


    Flickerdart, I don’t think I’ve ever lol’d so much at a comment here. Bravo.


    Anyone else notice the ghastly aura about the man.


    Three Canadians got a job putting up telegraph poles along a railroad in Northern Ontario. The foreman told them to go out for a week, each to a different section of rail, and put up as many poles as they could. There would be a bonus for any man who put up over a hundred. The week passed, and the three workers returned to the foreman. “How did it go?” he asked. The fellow from Vancouver replied, “Tough job, had some trouble with bears, but I got exactly one hundred.” The foreman shook his hand, gave him his week’s pay,… Read more »


    old one but I lol’d


    Flickerdart that was so funny tears are running down my face. Applause..