wheelie idiots

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    Ugh, what is it with crotch rockets attracting idiots?


    @ thelotuseater : That is the modern equivalent of circus. People doing acrobatic stunts to entertain people. This time it just happens to be done with a motorcycle.

    That dude is actually pretty skilled. Any idiot can pop a wheelie while doing 80mph on a freeway. That is easy and extremely dangerous. It takes a lot of skill to pop a wheelie while doing 20mph on a parking lot.


    like that helmet will protect her much if she falls lol


    I think they’re just balancing and not rolling.
    Her injury would be a shame; she looks like she’s put together rather nicely


    First glance it seems wheelie stupid but second glance is 1337 skillz


    @ jediadept: they’re moving..tear your eyes away from the body and look at her hair..

    Luke Magnifico

    But if you look at the front wheel, it’s stock still. As is the back.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also no exhaust.


    @ LukeV1-5:
    How do you come up with No Exhaust?
    What’s that on the right side of the bike?