Water Wreck

View from atop the mast of the private yacht Freydis as it passes by a sunken three-seat Japanese float plane from WW2, said to have been sunk by American aircraft while anchored in the Shortland group of the Solomon Islands.

This picture was taken on a six-week trip by private sailboat through the seldom-visited islands north of New Guinea, in an area of the South Pacific known as the Solomon Sea. Most of the islets here have no airport or regularly scheduled boat services, and their way of life is traditional by economic necessity.

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    bright green

    I hope they leave it there.


    It’s kind of amazing that it still is there and not eaten up by the salt water or covered in coral.


    That’s pretty badass, I’d love to scubadive down there and see it up close.


    “Wave to the dead people, kids!”