Brass Knuckles / Knife Combo

I’d be too worried about the blade cutting me to use it, ouch

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    I like the design. Great boot knife. Brass knuckles till things get messy, then you have a blade. You’d hold it so the blade protects your wrist- so the knuckles would be against your wrist. It’s a slashing blade- not a stabbing blade. Where can I buy one? I need it for my zombie kit…


    This knife would have little effect on zombies. You would probably end up getting infected by the close combat. If you must use a blade I suggest a long sword hazmat suit combo.
    As for where you can buy one, beats me.


    storm, please explain your logic in a less complicated form.


    umm, just a thought, but, storm, wouldnt you hold it in the closed position when using the knuckles, and then open it to have a blade.

    Yeah that would make sense.


    I call them brass knifles.


    This blade has no point, ergo it is intended for slashing/cutting, not thrusting.

    So far as the other stuff, I believe Storm is referring to using the knife in a reverse grip (once opened of course), with the knife held such that the blade is pointing downwards, with the edge facing outwards.

    Definitely not the grip I’d use when zombie hunting, (or the weapon) but to each his own…


    Yup. I agree with Phyre. It’s an interesting concept.


    do want


    I thought there was a flaw in design at first glance, but now I understand how to hold the thing. I wouldn’t reccomend this in zombie hunting due to close-quarters combat. There is more in my “What is in your zombie kit” post in the forums.

    Luke Magnifico

    Seeing as the knuckles are only as wide as the blade, a reverse grip wouldn’t give you enough purchase and it’d wobble.

    Just realised what a funny word wobble is. Wobble wobble wobble.



    As far as a zombie kit is concerned… I opt to stay with belt feed weapons…


    If the blade is cutting you, you’re doing it wrong!

    : I’m with you!


    What’s the size? the finger holes seem a little small for adult fingers and I like my knucles with a little more contact surface.

    Nice concept, nice collection piece, but street failure. Still want.