Tranformers 2 (Letter to the neighbour)

transformersletter.jpg (174 KB)

lol Had no idea what title to have for this one!

So i guess Transformers 2 is on a full go!!

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    Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.


    P.S.: I hate Shia LeDoucheBag

    tiki god

    I hate him too. thank god he isn’t supposed to be in this one


    Good thing they sent that out, I’d hate to wake up to several 2-story robots fighting in my neighborhood and not know that it was a movie.


    Yes he is there, and yes he sucks

    Good news is that Megan Fox will be in this one


    Damn it I want that number.


    Wish you had posted this BEFORE the fact, so we could have gone out and taken spoiler pics.


    Spoiler pics of CGI effects before the CGI is G’d with a C. Yeah. That would be awesomer.


    I wonder if the Dinner with Andre crew had to give these to people with reservations at that restaurant.


    lol, whats the giant /Film typed across the letter from? Is that a websites watermark.

    It’s really clear if you tilt your screen down a bit and look at it from above, just a question.

    Alec Dalek

    So Michael Bay is preparing his next abortion.

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