Some of my “Art”

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After the soul-sucker post, I thought the tiki god might let me get away with posting some of the wallpaper I’ve made in the last while.

There’s more here:

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    I don’t get these kind of wallpapers. Why does everyone make them? They’re pretty and all, but they all look the same.


    I’ve always liked them. They remind me of “The Beatles” Yellow Submarine.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You don’t need to put art in scare-quotes, you’ve got real talent. I like the first one a lot: mellow colors, whimsical.


    These are nice.

    try to be a little more friendly when someone sticks their neck out and shows you their art. if you don’t like it, don’t bother posting. at least offer some constructive criticism.


    i love these wallpapers haha

    i don’t think ohmybob was really critiquing her art in a negative way. more so the genre in general.
    as far as the art goes, i enjoy the brush stroke effect that the 3rd one has in the background because it separates it from the numerous other ones i have seen recently. all in all keep it up


    I really like these. The last one is definitely my favorite. Nicely done!


    Yeah, I wasn’t intending to be critical. Like I said, they look nice, these actually look especially good, a lot better than the ones I usually see. Now that I think about it, I understand the urge to copy something you’ve seen a lot of others do. I do it all the time with my photography. Sorry if I offended.



    I’m sorry if I came off the wrong way. It’s tough to catch someone’s tone properly when they type, and I perhaps took your comment the wrong way as well. I went to art school, and we had a sort of methodology to our critiques, and it’s unfair to expect everyone to critique in the same fashion. I’m sure you understand, what with the internet being filled with people who post for the sake of posting, and are just negative assholes. Sorry if I grouped you in with those folks. *blush*


    ’tis alright.


    I really like the first one, it is cool. The second two are lame.


    Nice illustration but god knows that style is cliche as fuck



    Its Web 2.0 man. Collaboration is the new way of life on the interwebs.


    wow. I sometimes use one from this series as my wallpaper. No idea where I got it. Maybe from Anyway, kudos on the great artwork. It may not be for everyone here, but I dig it.

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