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    belief in god/higher being = epic fail

    Luke Magnifico

    You do know that in pressing your beliefs, such as they are, onto other people, you’re being hideously hypocritical, right?


    @ Luke
    You’re right in the assertion that hypocrasy is not limited to the religious. But I don’t see how Supernuts was pressuring others into his beliefs. Unless you feel the ‘epicfail’ designator immediate makes you an Internet pariah if you don’t subscribe to the peer pressure. He’s just an idiot who thinks he’s superior to religious folk because he doesn’t believe in God. But there are a lot of religious people that think this way as well.


    we have the fossils = we win

    Luke Magnifico

    Who cares about evolution vs creationism, we can clone superintelligent robot dinosaurs! Grrooaor!

    tiki god

    super intelligent robot dinosaurs that eat young earth creationists?

    I’m in!


    Creationism is only one reason why religion is stupid and dangerous. There has never been a good reason for faith in anything else than your fellow man.