Mutant Chronicles

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    Looking forward to this.


    what is this??? looks cool

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Some old ass producer + director of nothing with a severe ego problem + writer of Event Horizon and nothing since = crapola!

    Unless they purposefully play up the campiness of a “post apocalyptic future where corporations rule the world” and the “mysterious seal that is broken releasing mutants” then this will be a joke. I’d actually be more excited if it had Eric Roberts and JCVD in it. 🙂


    Just went to that website…and wow, does this one look like a real winner. There’s a street fighting character named El Jesus? Amazing.

    At least it’s got Ron Perlman, the greatest actor this generation will ever see.

    tiki god

    shit website is pure shit. All it currently says is that my version of flash is out of date.

    My version of flash is just fine, I just don’t let every cock sucker that comes along to load flash up on my computer. WTF is their problem?