Suddenly, Things Are Just A Little More Bearable

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    puff puff…..woooow the colors


    The last time I indulged in the sweet leaf was the night I met my wife…..haven’t had the urge to touch the stuff since.


    Really? I mean when i got married i never had the urge to smoke, but when it was guys night out. i would smoke.


    Shit…I didn’t have the urge to smoke for almost five years. And then I got married.


    Hey, if that’s what happens when I smoke, I never wanna smoke again.


    good old weed, how many weak buttholes hide behind this as their way of coping with reality by avoiding reality


    Don’t you mean alchohol, KommissarKvC?

    Alec Dalek

    Kommissar got zinged!


    Alcohol is another type of reality avoidance helper, but doesn’t make you see weird stuff

    plus weed has a higher count of users becoming burnt out retards

    tiki god

    I highly disagree, as do the bugs that I see out of the corner of my eye every fucking day.


    LOL! Although, Tiki’s bugs might be caused by alcohol. Or drugs. Or both.


    Really Kommissar, seeing things? How many people halucinate on weed? I’m a daily user, and its effects are more like a cup of coffee in the morning than what you’re making it out to be. Hence the image- but apparently you don’t get it.

    Really, people need top be more informed and less paranoid. This said from a burner himself.

    Hey, I finally registered, just to comment here! I gues I can be lazy…


    Kommisar, STFU about topics of which you are so fully ignorant of. you prolly couldnt count on one hand the number of pothead burnouts you have personal knowledge of. Weed doesnt kill anyone; it doesnt “make you see weird stuff”; it doesnt help people ‘avoid reality’; and i would venture so far as to there are more people whose lives are made more difficult by drugs and alcohol than marijuana. if a person is a loser, then they are a loser, regardless if they smoke weed. I smoke everyday, and it has NO adverse effects on my life. the only… Read more »

    tiki god

    it’s from the liquor, I haven’t smoked weed in years


    “I can’t get stoned, Ricky.”
    “What do you mean? It’s shitty work. Everybody does that, all right? Carpenters, electricians, dishwashers, floor cleaners, lawyers, doctors, fuckin’ politicians, CBC employees, principals, people who paint the lines on the fuckin’ roads get stoned, it’ll be fun, get to work!”


    BTW Link above has lots of explicit language… Just a warning for the sensitive among you… 🙂


    Ain’t got nuttin’, ’cause it done been took down.