Theme Day: vinyl toy collection

toys2.JPG (154 KB)

toys1.JPG (146 KB)

toys4.JPG (168 KB)

toys3.JPG (151 KB)

toys5.JPG (145 KB)

i’m a total nerd for vinyl toys. especially luke chueh. my favorite is my haruhara haruko tho, cause we both have bad ass vespas.

oh and first post:)

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    Can’t…fight..the cute….


    Third pic down. Took a few minutes to realize that the pink think in the crotch area of the big guy is actually attached to a stick that the little one with the bid fangs is holding. Or maybe my brain is just bad…


    BIG fangs… not bid…



    post-modern morgan

    the pink one is an elephant with liquor bottles in his tummy and a boozer (possibly tiki) on his back.
    the blue one is an alligator eating babies with some in his tummy and one he’s feeding himself with his tail. they’re both from amanda visell.
    same artist, bad angle and camera phone makes for bad brainage. 🙂

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