Real S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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These guys actually enact the Stalker game in themed clothes in an area close to the Chernobyl site.

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    What’s with the German uniforms? Are the Bundeswehr involved in the game?


    thats my question as well. never played stalker but it looked good. what kinda weapons are they using? doesnt look like a paint marker, unless its a tactmark.


    airsoft perhaps ?


    i could go there.

    I believe they’re using high end airsoft guns. Although the outfits need a bit of work to be truly STALKERish. Not a bad job though.

    Darth Vasya

    You do realize that the game is actually based on a novel, don’t you?

    tiki god

    Game? I thought they were remaking the movie, not the game.

    Darth Vasya

    The movie. Based on the same novel. Notice, however, how everybody seems to consider it to be enactment of the game.