my “late” collections

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hats.jpg (17 KB)

Collection of Jager bottles from college… from 1 oz to handles, including hard to find metal bottle only size missing is the 1 gallon size… it got broke on my 22nd birthday….

Paintball gun collection-

Tippmann 98 custom (double trigger, starfire bolt, Apex Barrel, expansion chamber, Daisy Red dot)

Tippmann 98 w/ custom painted barrel

Spyder Pilot ACS

2 Airsoft pistols that i have never used

12 oz, 2- 20 oz, 24 oz CO2
3000 psi HPA tank
5 lb CO2 fill station

Hats collection… or whats left of it… had more… a lot went to goodwill…

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    casemods UID# 667

    jager is soo good

    but it hits you hard if your not careful