Which would protect her health best?

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    With the gun, she could probably kill her overbearing possessive father who’s probably been raping her since she was twelve.


    the condom.
    any self respecting rapist could disarm a girl.
    the gun and phone are just things to piss him off- beg for the condom and maybe you don’t die


    @ elzarcothepale

    true. heh heh


    condom with teeth…always works!


    Yes, because most girls love carrying around loaded 9mm’s as an accessory.


    I really think a well timed air strike would be the most effective.


    the church to teach the rapist morals


    preacher would give the rapist some pointers. guess again.


    Ah, what? Where are you getting this shit about the father being whatever? Is it ’cause he cares about his daughter? I’m confused.


    It’s the Oleg Volk hit parade!
    I vote Glock.


    What the hell is she doing the the rapist part of town? That’s right. Bitch was ASKING for it!


    If she’s a good shot he couldn’t.

    And I certainly love carrying my .38 revolver as an accessory. My holster matches my purse.


    I’m gonna have to go with the condom here. Have you ever shot a rapist with AIDs with a .45? that infected blood goes EVERYWHERE so unless the glock comes with a hazmat suit. yep condom

    tiki god

    generally you want to do the shooting before he’s actually right on top of you, but yeah. Only when was the last time you heard of a potential rapee drinking the spilled blood of her attacker?


    Drinking infected blood does not cause AIDS.


    i’m going to say the rapist with aids.

    That was at least every time she gets raped after that she kills her rapist 🙂


    These things are starting to piss me off. It’s like the Family Guy with the lawyer asking:

    What describes Brian better? Sexual deviant or magic picture that if you stare at it long enough, you see something?


    Everybody knows only the gay rapists have the AIDS.


    @tiki…But if you shoot him before he’s right on top of you, how do you know he’s a rapist?

    Answer: all men are rapists. (I took a women’s lit course.)


    rattybad: It’s not too difficult to tell if someone is coming at you with intent to assault. They may not have had rape on their minds- they may have just wanted to rob or simply beat you, but why take that chance?


    Yeah, generally, drawing a gun on someone (whether or not they have an intent to harm you) should cause them to back off. If they continue towards you, then this person is probably not in the best mental state, and once you are SURE that they are coming at you (IE. you change course BACKWARDS and DRAWING A WEAPON, and they follow you), it’s a pretty safe bet to take out a leg.


    Condom. I’m sure if i was Mcguyver i could make like a bomb out of it and destroy 2 blocks and every rapist there, while using the other half of the condom as a glider/parachute to fly out of the explosion.


    teezy weezy

    Do many rapists use condoms? Must be a better class of rapist than we have over here.
    Think the phone could be some use, it looks the size of a brick so that would be the second choice after the gun.


    I’d have to go with the gun. It may be messy, but the AIDS virus dies within seconds of being outside the human body. Just don’t miss and hit the condom in his wallet, because then you have a pissed off rapist with AIDS and a condom with a gaping bullet hole in it.


    @ kaztheberserk
    I’m sure you mean well with the leg shot, but unless you are trained to shoot to disable, I would say just aim for center mass, no matter what the distance is.

    Sneaky Snake

    I would just beat my children regularly so they aren’t pretty enough to rape.

    Ugly bitches dont get raped.


    It says best for her HEALTH

    What if the contaminated AIDS blood of the rapist splatters all over her?


    Fortyseven: With that caliber? It would really only be an issue if he was directly on top of her when she shot him in the head, and her mouth was wide open or she was covered with open wounds.


    the answer is more simple: none of it will help her if the raptist attack her from the back she wont be able to use the gun or the phone (obviously the condome is out of question here).
    @ sneaky snake even ugly bitches get raped it is not the sexual act what drives this people is the agresion and the abuse and the huiliation.


    According to the map you know he’s a rapist and where he lives- so go take him out already.


    ok. what the hell?
    you do realize the rapist would more than likely brick inside of the victim.
    so what if the blood splatters allover the place? she would still get aids either way right?


    THE GUN, shoot the pile point blank kinda hard to mess that up. you can take courses on gun control. Ive never heard of a raper taking condom control! The cops to busy mowing down a frickin donut, and is she really going to have the opportunity to put the condom on for him?