Smallville Justice League

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The Smallville Justice League

Impulse – Green Arrow – “Clark Kent” – Aquaman – Cyborg

This was more of an allusion to the Justice League from the CW’s popular show Smallville. The Martian Manhunter wasn’t considered part of this team, even though he had his own episode arc…and there wasn’t even a female character!

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    your forgeting the most important member of any super hero team: the big-ass explosion that always stands in the back.


    HAHA! Aquaman! Are they even near any water?


    OM NOM NOM on Aquaman and Green Arrow


    show me the batman and then ill show you the real jl. without batman those are just kids that consumed too much ganja.


    agreed with acid_monkey1

    we need a young bruce wayne, pre batman era

    tiki god

    I had heard they were going to do that.

    but then they didn’t.