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Love the series. I suggest skipping Descent of Angels. Doesn’t even relate to the Horus Heresy.

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    Most awesome series I’ve ever read.

    Favorite: Fulgrim, but the first 3 make an awesome story.

    I didn’t really like the ending to Legion though, it seemed too straight forward…and yes skip Descent of Angels, its pretty pointless.


    Dunno, I liked Descent, but then I played a Dark Angel force for a bit in the 90s. I liked seeing a story on how major a change being ‘liberated’ by the Crusade brought to a world. I suspect there will be a direct sequel dealing with Luther.

    As for ‘Legion’, that was by far my least favorite. I didn’t like the storyline, it was just not up to Abnett’s usual level of writing. I was, however, amused at the twist ending to Legion, that was pretty nifty.

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