Witchblade Movie Poster

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Ever notice how a hot girl you just can’t fight the forces of evil while clothed?

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    In all honesty, if you’re going to have a hot chick fighting the forces of darkness and evil, I’d prefer to see her doing it naked.


    Hey, as far as I’m concerned, restrictive clothing that hides the body to appease conservative sex-fearing bible-belts IS a force of evil. She can’t very well be a hypocrite, can she?


    Blah. Personally I prefer an interesting costume to no costume; stories that resort to naked chicks fighting tentacles with impossibly big guns tend to be short on story—and, let’s face it, if your nom nom nom-ing poorly drawn comic book pages (q.v. anything by Michael Turner, master of generica) then you really need to move out of the basement and meet real girls. Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Susan Storm-Richards…all more fully clothed and far more intriguing.


    estecado fucking owns her but she is hotter


    umm, wat?

    >Ever notice how a hot girl you just can’t fight the forces of evil while clothed?

    me no get it


    That’s because clothing on hot women is evil. So how can you fight evil when draped in it?


    I’ve seen the whole anime for witchblade. If the movie is anything like that, it’ll be fucking cool as hell.


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