The Minutemen. Oh Yes!

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A new image from Watchmen, appearing on aintitcool. The reason it looks like Adam West Batman, is (for those that don’t know the comic) this is meant to be the first real supeheroes, with homemade costumes, etc. I love how they’re sticking to the source material so faithfully.

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    “Minute Man” isn’t really a title that I could be proud of…


    Hooded Justice looks a bit chubby.

    John Q


    He’s meant to be an old school circu-strongman / wrestler type, so he looks just about right.

    Really, this is the best piece of publicity they’ve released so far, i really have my doubts about the film.


    it always worries me when they take great comics and turn them into movies. especially one with such a complicated storyline like the watchmen. this image looks good tho, we’ll see about the rest of the movie…


    this image certainly looks better than the dogshit Schumacher-esque present day costumes they released a while back.


    I’m just glad Keanu Reeves isn’t playing Doctor Manhattan.


    The Comedian’s boiler suit doesn’t look quite right, and Mothman’s wings aren’t big enough, but they look a shitload closer to the comic than I would have guessed previously.


    What do you wanna bet that some idiots out there will call Hooded Justice a racist symbol, what with the oh-so-obvious black face and noose?

    tiki god

    there’s just so much god damn material from the books, how are they going to cram that into a 2-3 hour movie? Cut out all the subplots? I can’t actually remember any sub plots, it all built to the climax of the story.


    two parter like harry potter 7?


    If you want to know if this movie will be good, just ask Alan Moore.


    : maybe, but we can simple strike back explaining that the Hooded Justice IS a symbol of black oppression.