Teddy Roosevelt and Mr. Muir

Muir_and_Roosevelt_restored.jpg (774 KB)

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (left) and nature preservationist John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, stand together on Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. In the background can be seen Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. During this trip in 1903, Muir convinced Roosevelt to add Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove to the park, which had been established in 1890.

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    TR was a fucking badass.



    Teddy Roosevelt was a truely a great President. He initiated the National Park system, and gave his blessing to Yellowstone.

    If TR were to meet George W Bush, he’d bitch slap his punk ass.


    He was a nutbag!


    There once was a man named John Muir,
    A naturalist noble and pure,
    Whose love for all beasties, the most and the least-ies,
    Has never been equalled, Uh..fer shure!


    It always sad to see great organizations changed for the worst, the Sierra Club, like MADD, where once honorable groups, but both turned into something their founders would have hated. Sierra Club has been exposed in active support of ELF, in fact the Sierra Club was instrumental in ELF’s creation, I am sure John Muir would be disappointed in the Sierra Club’s activities today . The MADD founder, Candice Lightner, was forced to leave when the group turned from strengthening drunk driving laws to a modern day prohibition organization.


    We need Teddy in office today. You think zombie Reagan is a badass imagine zombie TR…

    and good call on the downhill slide of the Sierra Club gor, they’ve moved so far towards the fringe that they’re a joke now. Sad


    Theodore Roosevelt greatest president of the United States or greatest president in the universe?


    Those jodhpers he’s usually wore probably got him lot’s of hot rough rider sex,eh?


    he had a decent domestic policy, but his foreign policy was a trainwreck.