Public Beer Drinking = Police Brutality

Police Beer Brutality.jpg (935 KB)

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    John Q

    ‘right behind you’


    what’s the story behind this? when/where?


    Looks like after the UEFA cup final where Rangers fans went on the rampage after deservedly losing. Apparently one of the big screens in a park area didn’t work so they decided to riot instead.


    In Manchester, England.


    I’d call that karma for having a mullet…


    Average looking week night in Manchester

    Rage 0

    Come on ref! That’s a red card!

    Howie Feltersnatch

    He had it coming. He was drinking “lite” beer.


    Two things wrong with calling this police brutality, the first one is a riot is apperantly happening right where this knucklehead is standing and the knucklehead has decided that it’s okay to remain standing in the middle of it, two, the police officer can not see said knucklehead because his view is blocked by the phone booth and it wasn’t until the officer came around it that the knucklehead is standing right in front of him. As far as I concerned, the officer did nothing up to the end of the photos. Now if something happened after that (like a… Read more »


    I love the sign on the phone booth.

    ‘Right Behind You’ classic…. class-ic.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You can tell that, even in pic #7, he’s still trying not to spill the beer.


    @Gor…how about all the other folks standing?….your theory FAILS! Why dontcha come over to my house and let me knock you down with my plexi shield and we’ll see if thats brutality.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    No he is clearly looking past the guy’s right shoulder at something else and this meatstick got in the way. The other folks were simply not in the way.

    Don’t bastard ‘fail’. In fact as far as I’m concerned jose just killed ‘fail’.

    Way to go, assfuck.


    mAgnus & gor 1 – jose 0

    I lawl’d


    Accidents happen. I tripped over my cat yesterday but I didn’t call her out for brutality. Brutality comes with a beat down. Had she pounced on me and tore my face to ribbons, that would’ve been brutal.



    one of my simple rules: if the riot police are there, I’m not.

    Looks to me like they’re clearing the area and tubby there wasn’t moving fast enough.


    Just showed this to wife and she thinks it more comedy than brutality, accidents happen, even during a riot.

    Also, good rule DasMaus, I teach me kids the same one.


    The cop was just helping the young lad out of his way. You’ll also notice he didn’t drop his beer, a sign of an experienced drinker/falling down drunk. Very entertaining and funny.

    Alpha Harrison

    all that and the fast that several officers had the shit kicked out of them because…well no reason really. fucking pissed-up jocks get angry becasue of a technical fault and the screen dies? Rangers played shit anyway, there’s a reason they were in the UEFA cup and not the Champions League you know…..



    Just out of curiosity:

    You two honestly believe that officers action was necessary?