Outside my window

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I saw this outside my window one day befor work.
I think it’s a hawk or falcon. Couldn’t really get to close.
When I went to open the back door to get closer he flew twards me and I screamed and slammed the door shut.
But the fish was still alive while he was being eaten.

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    It’s an osprey. Sweet


    I agree: Osprey FTW. I saw one swoop down catch a fish ten feet in front of me. Wish I had a camera then. Hell, I wish my current camera was good enough…


    Being eaten alive has got to be a terrible feeling. =[


    “If the board the ship, they will kill us, rape us, and eat us, and if we are very, VERY lucky, they will do them in that order.”

    That COULD be the line, I’m not really sure right now.


    Fresh sashimi, awesome.


    fish deserve anything they get.
    they are soulless, anarchist bastards and i hope his children were watching from the lake below, via some sort of secret marine telescoping technology.
    Don’t give me that look- those finned fiends are plotting your demise right now- if you look one in the eye, the eye you CAN’T see is narrowed in bitter hatred of all you hold dear.


    “If they take the ship, they’ll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing and if we’re very very lucky, they’ll do it in that order.”


    FUCK YEAH!!!!


    @TikiGod – I smell a new theme day brewing. well, if you ever read this at least.


    You need to chop down the tree so you can get a better view of the lake.


    Nice pics. Would be nicer with a zooooooom lenz.


    “..he flew twards me and I screamed and slammed the door shut.”

    this made me lol.

    tiki god

    I see all.