Mario Kart is a Menace

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Video games corrupt young minds.

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    Alec Dalek

    Mario is a menace. It’s created thousands of lonely, sexually frustrated women, who can’t find a sex partner because there’s way too many nerds having to play through each and every preschoolish Mario game.

    Alpha Harrison


    What are you, gay? SNES or GTFO. Old mario rocks balls


    Wow that guy is a dumbass.

    “oh hey I watched a movie called Kids and saw them having crazy parties so I decided to throw my own. Maybe if they told me Aids kills people then I would have thought twice before catching it” <—See movies can screw you up just as much.

    Lesson learnt. Don’t let idiot people have sex and give birth to idiot children and have them grow up into video game hating idiots.


    damn that guy nietzsche says that life is a cruel bitch so i decided to end it quick. books can fuck you up just as much. And cartoons. jeez i saw some talking rabbit hitting a talking duck with a sledgehammer so now i just want to hit people or animals with sledgehammers.


    Quote: “Wow that guy is a dumbass.”

    Did anyone else hear that loud WHOOSH sound?

    Doctor Thompson

    I think I did too when the entire point of the article went FLYING over their heads.


    Wow, someone else in Birmingham with a sense of humour. Must find this man!


    I would have LOL’d but I’m in class.


    This is Absolutely full of WIN.


    This guy might have a point. I also believe we can solve our population problem by following the advice in “A Modest Proposal”.


    Yeah, what about guns?

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