NSFW – Men, multi-tasking is not for you !

Giant Penises are NSFW :

TiYTMcqx499kh0t9QxosPwxj_500.gif (210 KB)

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    tiki god

    I dont’ think I’ve ever even contemplated doing more then just pee. Peeing is one of those “gotta get right on the first try” things that you absolutely don’t want to mess up.


    Agreed. I don’t think i could ever brush my teeth while peeing. Unless im in the shower then i can do all 3 at once, i’m a man-god.


    I can piss and blow my nose at the same time, and both with 100% efficiency and accuracy.


    Pfft, that’s just the beginning.

    Here in texas, you have the unspoken rule about if you own the land, you can pee on it. It’s quite interesting when getting up in the morning, and going for your morning stroll while brushing your teeth, having to pee.

    Fortunately for me, I’ve learned that I can pee while walking, I just however should not do that when it’s windy. 🙁


    The sad part is this was made by a woman, meaning women assume that the reason men piss all over the toilet seat is because they are multi-tasking.

    Yeah not so much. We’re just that inaccurate sometimes.

    In our defense however, when we piss on the seat from the morning-after-sex induced vurtually uncontrollable dual-stream, the woman must take partial responsibility.

    Alec Dalek

    I can pee and refill a bong at the same time.


    @ pedantic:
    I always tell my wife that a free throw is a little more difficult than a slam dunk, and I’m bound to miss once in a while…


    I’ve drank and pissed, and pissed and picked up the ball/stick for my dog while peeing since I keep her inside most of the time to prevent barking and she usually pissed when I do lol