In japan, toilet piss on you

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It seems to be cold

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    Japan have the most advanced toilets – almost all other civilisations are still using the same sort of thing for the past 60 years. Unless you’re French, then a hole in the fucking ground is your idea of modern.


    Wait what?


    This is called a “washlett” and my wife wants me to install one (but they are not cheap).

    As for holes in the floor, many public restrooms in the far east that I have the displeasure of visiting uses them (including Japan, Korea, China and Russian).


    I think I’ll wipe my own ass rather than having water sprayed at it.


    I think it has something to do with Asian people not being able to reach their own behinds with their short stature and those tiny arms.

    Yes, this is flamebait.


    The water there is warm and soapy. Cleans better then wiping.


    Imagine reading the instructions on the lid and getting sprayed.


    I live in Japan and I can tell you; these things kick ass! Not only is the water heated, but the seat itself is heated as well. It’s an odd experience the first time, but once you have tried one there is just no going back.


    I rather not have a toilet squirting water on my ass thx very much


    I could watch Schlinder’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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