Cigarette warning label

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Living leads to death. Kill yourself!

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    So very, very true.


    Life is like an STD, You transmit it sexually, you just can’t cure it, and you’ll end up dying from it.


    It also Causes death. Pewpew.


    Life may kill you, but smoking will kill you AND make you and everyone around you smell like shit.


    Well, you know, if you’re dead long enough, you’re going to smell like shit anyway. Therefore, I propose that cigarettes should have a statement that says, “Accelerates the process of living.” It would be highly accurate, as it makes you die faster and makes you smell, as death does (and I remind you that death and the smell of death is derived from living), and its catchy enough to get all the stupid people.


    Smoking leads to higher buzz for your 3 minute improv solo

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I hearded and readed that shmoking makes babies commit suicide. In Canada our labels have full high res colour pics of exposed organs like brains etc on them. Now stores can’t even display tobacco products. Because there is money in preaching bullshit. Be thankful for smokers or these same 6 figure cheque collecting champions of the people would go after your booze. Obesity causes more diseases and leads to more deaths. And yes…fat people smell like shit. They also apparently are the major contributor to global warming since it takes more fuel to haul their fat asses around than a… Read more »