Holding Down the Computer

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    Did they “liberate” this in one of the drier parts of New Orleans post-Katrina?

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, that’s a really really stupid idea. I mean you are locking yourself into a world of proprietary upgrades and costly service.

    Alec Dalek

    Exactly how is it you think you can tell that it’s stolen? Just because the guy’s black?


    the bare feet give it away he is so poor he’ll steal a computer but not shoes…

    Alec Dalek

    “the bare feet give it away he is so poor he’ll steal a computer but not shoes…”

    Well… I suppose that sentence might make sense in the mind of someone that thinks all black people are thieves (I mean it’s not like white people ever steal anything).


    *sigh* Alec, just let it go. It was obviously a racist joke. Who cares?


    But anyways, if you’re going to steal a computer, why would you steal a compaq?


    Dalek: I was being a racist bastard and making a racist joke.

    White people steal tons more than black people anyway. All the oil company leaders are white and they have more money than God. And all of it is stolen.


    Who cares if its stolen or not and all that hatin Bull Shit! That picture is fkn hilarious.


    Less funny, more racist: He actually tried to steal it at a traffic light, but wasn’t quick enough.

    More funny, less racist: The black guy was actually hired by the white jackass driving the car who thought it was easier to pay the guy $20 to hold the computer for him rather than buy $1 worth of rope.

    Alec Dalek

    Oh, so it’s okay to say whatever you want if you’re joking. Ok, let me try that: Exacerbate’s mother fucks pigs while charging 2 bits a gander to let the towns folk watch. There, that was a joke, was it funny?


    Uh oh, looks like Alec got his feelings hurt. Nothing a little fried chicken can’t help!


    Oil company owners are not thieves. They’re just rich as fuck cuz they own a company, like most people who own big companies. So Bill gates is a giant thieve be cause he owns Microsoft and the guy who owns apple is a giant thieve cuz he owns Apple?

    Your logic is flawed.
    And yes i used cuz because I’m too lazy to type because, which was totally redundant because in the end i did anyways.


    Ok now you’re just trying to make everyone hungry aren’t you…

    Alec Dalek

    Thrella, everything you just said there, that’s why you’re poor.

    Bakudai, you’re assuming because I’m defending Black people, I must be black myself. I must say, I’m curious. What’s it like for you, going through life with the general sense that everyone is out to get you?


    Uh oh… here comes the butthurt train!