Hardcore Scene – Then and Now

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Emo-fags need to GTFO.


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    Let us hope that after Anons take out Scientology they focus on these hordes of queers.


    The picture reminds me of some Minor Threat concert footage.

    This goes out to everybody, are you ready? 12XU!!!!


    Thx for serving up a mugful of naive hateorade there, champ.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Newflash: both pictures are just jobless brats who live off of their parents while ‘rebelling’ against them.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s still true. Nothing concerned more with fashion is hardcore.

    Unless, like, they’re hardcore fashion designers.


    The difference is passion.
    They worked for it back in the day.

    Now they just have depressed teens starved for attention because… well nobody knows.




    I miss pits.


    Emo != Hardcore

    Both are lame, but they sound different.


    I remember when people who liked Weezer were considered emo, when it was all about horn rimmed glasses and cardigans. wtf happened, I could stand those emos.

    Limpwrist are the best hardcore band ever


    Am I the only one who thinks that at least the women got hotter?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Man I feel old. Or cool. Because “hardcore” was a word we made fun of. So was “punk”. I remember seeing faggoty little assholes arguing over whether Blink 182 were “punk”.

    I was around 13 or 14 when mosh pits took hold. They were cool for about a year. Then Prince did a stage dive and made some reference to mosh pits and they were over.

    What makes me mad is if I laugh at the way kids dress now with the Star Wars hair and women’s pants I feel old. Like when people used to ask me why my pants were so baggy. But then I look at old pictures and baggy pants and baseball hats don’t look bad. Eye liner and hair like your mothers is fucking stupid.

    I’d say the current trends are more akin to the late 80’s glam rock stuff and these idiots will and rightly should be ashamed. I’m glad I went to high school in the 90’s.


    I was able to tolorate some hardcore music, until I went to a hardcore show. Seeing the dumb fight/thrash/slam dancing ruined it for me. Mosh pits were one thing, this shit sucked. These faggots thought hurting each other was a good time, which was funny when some roided up jock decided to join in the fun.

    I hung out with punks even though I thought their style was lame. I like the Dead Milkmen, though.


    lol the dude on the bottom left of the second picture… he looks more feminine that his date.



    The world would be a better place if these sad-ass emo kids would grow a pair and admit that they just are wanna-be failed goths.

    Diet goth, just one calorie, not goth enough.


    Meh. I get the problem with the emo kids on the bottom, but if you look at a hardcore show they were all hanging all over each other, sweating on each other and practically making out, and more power to them! Hardcore was, maybe still is, genuinely emotional, even if the emotion is pissed off (in both the British and American sense unless they were straight edge). Not like the commercial and fake emo crap of today. And there’s nothing wrong with a little makeup. Come on David Bowie could destroy you with his bulge of DOOM! It is mighty.


    i quit playing music right in time. one of the last shows i did, a few kids wore girl pants and white belts. it looked silly in the sea of hardcore uniforms of a hoodie and cargo shorts w/ new balance shoes.

    and what’s so hardcore about the homecoming dance? these kids are about shenannigans.


    Ar har har har har. As if Diabeetus has owned a punk record in his life except maybe crappy oi like Screwdriver. I kind of picture him as more of a Pat Boone man.


    totally agree

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