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Tim Bradstreet recently decided to stop doing Punisher covers. I just finished reading the Punisher MAX series (up to 50); anyone know of other good, gritty comics like this and The Walking Dead?

Art is from Bradstreet’s site.

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    tiki god

    I’ve enjoyed Bomb Queen, but that’s more of a T&A & Gore kinda comic. I’d still suggest it, cause it’s awesome.


    If you didn’t read Preacher, you can give it a try… awesome comic


    “the Boys” is the best comic in a long time in my opinion, especially if you don’t like the standard hero types.


    i second the preacher nomination. anything Ennis is top notch, whatever that means. also try Transmetropolitan, Ellis’ finest in my opinion.

    tiki god

    Isn’t “the boys” a standard hero type of comic, but written by Garth Ennis, so there’s a lot more oral sex and penis references? And maybe a beheading thrown in for good measure!


    Wasteland, by Anthony Johnston is pretty good. Anything by Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Criminal for Marvel, and especially Point Blank and Sleeper over at Wildstorm) is great.

    Battle Hymn and Hawaiian Dick by B Clay Moore are both really good.

    Garth Ennis has also done Hitman for DC, which is good violent fun (and not related to the videogame). His Fury miniseries, a Marvel MAX book like Punisher, is also great.

    And Jonah Hex is mostly pretty good.