Wooden rollercoaster

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    its so dangerous its fun!


    Yeah, I thought the one at the local park was fun. Until I stood underneath it and watched the track bend back and forth when the cars went over it. I was a little hesitant after that…


    Next time you see a big tree, take a closer look. Now imagine it in a 40mph wind. It bends but it doesn’t break.

    Wood is fucking metal!


    @phatstack Actually, that is one of the defining characteristics of wood coasters. Wooden roller coasters have a completely different feel than steel coasters, because they actually do give a little as the trolley passes. But it is just as safe. If it makes you feel any better, wooden coaster operators also manually check each and every bolt and tie on the rail every day before a cart is ever let loose on it. It would actually take a lot of bolts, nails, screws, etc to come loose in order for the ride to be structurally compromised, but checking each fastener… Read more »


    In a perfect world, every bolt and tie on the rail is checked daily.
    Come on, we’ve all seen what some of those carny’s look like. Do you really think they check every connection before grabbing the Mad Dog 20/20 and a hit off the crack pipe?


    Well, good point. But that’s an easy mistake to avoid… If your ‘coaster operator looks like an unshaven big top clown reject with a hangover, just keep walking… Just keep on walking….