Smith and Wesson “Bounty Hunter” 629 with 3-Inch Barrel

bountyhunter07.jpg (103 KB)

The rounds are .44 specials. This gun was made available through a specific distributor. I added the Hogue grips for comfort; they’re much better than the Pachmyrs it came with.

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    Not bad.
    I just don’t like snub nose guns. I know they are easier to carry, but, I want to be accurate.
    I only want to shoot once to dismember some one and not “spray” the crowd with rouge rounds.. Have other weapons for that purpose..


    i like your taste in guns.


    Yeah… I’m not a big fan of snubnoses either…


    snub noses work fine in most common situations

    they may not be as accurate but how far are you going to be shooting? shouldnt be more than 20-30 feet or you shouldnt be taking it, as far as EDC goes its as much the scare factor as actually shooting (if you get mugged, if the store your in is robbed, etc… all close range)


    Oh, I agree, at your average self defense ranges, you won’t exactly be “spraying and praying” with a snub nose.

    My dislike is more aesthetic/psychological in nature. I like the aesthetics of full sized fire arms, and they have the added bonus that people whom I may have the opportunity to point my big gun at are sometimes a little more scared…

    Think Dirty Harry… LOL


    @Phyreblade….That said, nothing stops a bad guy faster than the sound of that first shell racking into the barrel of your 12 gauge. It has a definite effect, more so than clicking the hammer back on a pistol.


    I’m a big fan of pump shotguns and even though I like 12 gauges, I believe a pump 20 gauge is just as effiective pychologically and is easiler handle by smaller, non-firearm experienced members the family. You also, won’t damage as much of your stuff if it has to be used and, if using slugs, will leave a hole in a perp a .45ACP would envy.