Olde English Bulldogge

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This is my Olde English Bulldogge, Willy. He’s two and a half.

OEBs are a newer breed of bulldog created in the early 70s by David Leavitt. The idea was to mimic the now extinct Olde English Bulldogge which was used for blood sport (bull and bear baiting) in 18th century England.

These dogs are fantastic companion animals, very good with other pets and children. They’re more athletic than English Bulldogs and have far fewer health problems; for example, purebred OEBs do not have breathing problems or suffer from things like “cherry eye” and, as a result, tend to live quite a bit longer.

You can visit my breeders website at or bulldoginformation.com for more information.

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    So cute! I love the first pic where he’s like “Why???”.

    I can’t wait to get a house and an english bulldog! (Lifelong goal >.>)

    tiki god

    have you had any trouble with the folds on his face? how bad does he shed? I’ve got a rat terrier with white short hair, and she sheds like a champ


    Beautiful dog. My wife has a Boston Terrier who thinks she’s the same breed as my AmStaff bulldog. Both are awesome dogs, but I’ve been wanting an English and/or an “OEB” for years.

    Great website you linked to there also. Thanks for that.


    if i were there, i’d pet him right behind the ears where dogs cant reach and then i’d make faces with all that extra flesh because dogs like that, too. LOL

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