I can’t be a snob, I’m a brother!

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    I must admit the execution is funny. That said, I think its funny how the poorest (read: least rich) of the candidates, who spent the most time helping the poor as a community organizer instead of lining his pockets, who has just paid off student loans in the past 5 years, who has spent the least amount of time cut off from the average american by becoming part of the political machine…
    …is the snob.


    This sad part is that your right about his past and he still is a snob, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a person like him is one.

    This fun is going to start in a few months when videos of him and his wife making “whitey” comments and other unsavory items comes to the surface. At least Hillary’s problems had been exposed many years before and there probable wasn’t much new things hidden somewhere.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s hysterical!

    The bonus is when all the fucking cocklicks start crying.

    “My holy martyr! No!”



    Yeah, we can’t expect the libs to have the same detached skepticism the right-wingers had for Bush for the first 5 years of his administration.

    The holy martyr bit did make me chuckle, though.

    Alec Dalek

    Ignorant racist much?


    @ AlecDalek

    How’s that racist?

    Alec Dalek

    Just seems that certain people contend to have a genuine beef with the candidate, yet they always find a way to bring race into it…


    well, he’s just so… uppity. He’s not drinking schlitz and saying ‘homeboy’ like the darkies are supposed to. And he also apparently harbors some crazy belief that some white people don’t like black folk.


    Damn Alec, sorry for saying anything negative about your messiah and that cult of blind acceptence you seem to belong to seem to be about as intolerant of criticism as militant muslims. I have a feeling you must be one of those pasty white guys who feels guilty about being a pasty white guy that you are only supporting BHO because he’s black, where as I come from and am currently in a multi-ethic family* and we only believe the only positive thing about BHO is that he is multi-ethic (which is not enough). *Grandmother is black and wife is… Read more »


    OK kids, lets recap: supporting Obama means you are a blind lemming capable of independent thought. Not supporting Obama means that you are an informed, educated voter.

    If you have an issue with Obama, thats fine – make it about something with substance. Like the graphic from a few months ago of Obama imagining himself as JFK.

    Finally – what’s John McCain’s middle name? everybody likes to use Obama’s, but not because they’re trying to say anything with it. So i just figure they like to call all the candidates by their complete name.


    The fact that there are even any republicans left in this country only shows what worthless, ignorant, hateful pieces of dogshit
    many Americans are these days. I live in a country full of Magnus-type wastes of space, but if I suggest a good purge then I’m suddenly the bad guy!
    Oh well. I guess every ecosystem needs bottomfeeders!