The Rapex female condom

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Speaking of the movie teeth, here is a product being patented that a friend told me about. It’s an anti-rape female condom. The woman slips it in and if you try and rape her, it’s surgery for you.

Or it could just be a crazy saddistic woman who wants to f**k your day up.

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    tiki god

    So, I’m a rapist. I’m gonna rape me a woman, and she ends up having one of these items shoved up inside her lady parts. As a rapist do I :

    1.) Scream and cry
    2.) Run for a hospital
    3.) Beat the ever loving shit out of the poor girl that had the misfortune of having this situation happen to her.
    4.) All of the above.

    I vote for #4. I’m not a rapist*, but I can imagine what would be going through my head if my dick got trapped in a needle condom.

    *(I only play one on TV)


    My dick hurts just looking at that thing.


    From the product website

    Won’t the rapist kill me?

    Sadly, many women have been killed over time, as nobody can guarantee the outcome of any rape! However, the huge plus-factor is that the discomfort and pain is such, that the rapist would be disabled temporarily, (much worse than a kick in the groin that self-defence instructors teach women!) giving you time to get away and get help.


    I’d hit it.

    Alpha Harrison

    Yeah, to be fair I’d much rather get smacked in the junk than have needles in my dick. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have no cock-based damage, but it’s the lesser of two evils. I should also probably point out that I’m not, nor have I ever been/will be a rapist. So you know, hopefully no needle-wang for me

    Phil Elmore

    So, you prevent the trauma and possible disease transmission of a rape by… causing the rapist to bleed profusely into your vagina?


    One could just stick his finger in there first, so he doesn’t lose his cock. even just put it in a little bit, and if there’s plastic, take it out (the plastic that is). Then commence rapage.


    Well, it’s not perfect, but as far as rape goes, the guy is trying to do something truly horrible to you, this would at LEAST get you some immediate revenge.

    Like the snuff film episode of CSI. the guy killed the chick with a knife, she bled on his face, into his eyes. Turns out, she had aids. So, as they put, “You killed her, she killed you right back. So where there is the problem of “ouch, that hurt, now you’re dead!”, The point is, the guy’s going to have to go to a hospital and get this things taken care of. Sticky questions arise, Cops get called, he gets busted. Which, of course makes you no less dead.

    The thing that frightens me is, you know this girl, maybe you date, you leave her cause, I dunno, maybe she’s a psycho bitch. She decides to get you back. She invites you over, promising to do that thing she got mad at you for trying. You fall for it (idiot), and then where are you? YOU’RE the guy that just dumped her, came running back, she SWEARS she didn’t want you to come over, and now, YOUR junk is mangled in an “automatically your fault” device.

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate here. I do think the device is a good start to stopping rape, but remember not to ever think of it as an automatic rapist buster. The dude could be anal raping you. Then you’re royal screwed.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If a psycho chick wants to mangle your junk and you’re not smart enough to stay away from her, then then it doesn’t matter if she has an anti-rape condom or a kitchen knife.

    Sneaky Snake

    I’d imagine most instances of mangled dicks come from women forgetting they had it in.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    See this is why I only rape ass.


    i read an article that said this thing was mainly for use in places like africa, where men do not understand rape is not cool, or simply don’t care.


    Rapists often will kill a victim, but probably not with their junk being chewed on by a mechanical apparatus. Since the device appears impermeable, it doesn’t seem likely there will be blood contamination. And I sincerely doubt many rapists have ever fingerbanged a victim before committing their crimes.

    If you’re worried about being caught off-guard by a “psycho chick”, just check before you go in. A good half hour of oral is usually enough to get a woman warmed up for the main event, and will let you know in fairly short order if she’s got anything hidden away that you should know about. (Plus, odds are pretty good that if you’re doing oral with her, she’s not going to want to rip your dick off.)

    And if you believe that a woman could “forget [she] had it in”, you almost certainly have virtually no knowledge of vaginal anatomy — or of women.


    not like i needed another one, but that is a great reason to go down on a chick before you do her. even the psychos. because, let’s face it, we’ll do them all… crazy or not.

    i’ve never hit a woman, but if i found one of these- i’d beat the crap out of her, i’m sure.


    : I agree that most women could not forget that they had it in, but some do forget they have tampons in, which leads to Toxic Shock Syndrome.




    And here I thought it was just another S&M toy

    bright green

    I’m a rapist ^.^

    General X

    That is right lycrof, that was the first thing i thought of as well. FYI, in the novel Snow Crash the female character has one in her. When the bad guy tries to have sex with her she forgets that she had it in her and he gets a nasty surprise. Though in the novel the needles had a strong tranquilizer that knocked out the guy for a while.


    If the rapist is asian though, they might be able to avoid the spike strip like a ninja.


    Wearable Box Jellyfish FTW!!


    Step 1: Find out she has this thing in her vagina.
    Step 2: Beat the everloving shit out of her, rip it out and rape her.

    Problem solving: FUN!


    Heh, I looked up the same exact shit with that vagina denata stuff going around a couple days ago.

    As for crazy bitches that just want to fuck you over, I learned a valuable lesson a long time ago. Only dip your wick into sane, healthy women. You might get laid less, but it’s worth it in the long run.

    I was thinking more along the lines of curling iron and/or bengay covered dildo. You can’t rip it off without serious damage occuring.


    That thing looks pretty damn rigid – you would have to be a fool (or never got any) to not realize that she has some kind of booty trap (that’s what I said – booty trap) in her cooch.


    I might be late, but I have to say it…

    FAIL on many levels. STD’s for one. Vengeance would be a problem too. How do you know that the rapist won’t try to come back (if he went away in the first place) and kill you later for messing up his penis?

    Here is a much more practical solution.
    I’m guessing it’s also more comfortable. I don’t have a vagina, but I think I can make an educated decision related to the uncomfortable nature of that device.

    Much better odds on success.



    I saw the gunshopfinder link and clicked it hoping to find a one shot vagina gun. 🙁

    Alec Dalek

    So ah, has anyone done any stats on this? Has it had any effect? Has a woman somewhere been raped since this story first hit about 20 years ago? Is this just another one of those things that bitter unattractive women forward to each other, thinking on some level that this is some kind of empowerment?


    i think if your that worried about rape u should go ahead and just buy a gun.


    Holy Fuck. Literally.


    i’d rather just have a gun.blow the fucker’s kneecaps off instead of sticking that contraption in me


    I just wanna know what chick is walking around w/ this thing in her vagina just in case she might get raped. Tampons are uncomfortable enuf; what must that thing feel like?


    So… if you read the faq at the site, apparently it goes all the way in, you cant tell if its in, it feels like a tampon, will be too late before rapist figures it out… sounds legit, ill remember never to rape anyone.


    I seriously doubt that there would be anything “Holy” about it…

    Now “holey” on the other hand… That would accurately describe the rapists equipment after this…


    This is an awesome idea…reminds me of that Teeth movie…


    So I think it’s agreed that us men only rape in the ass from now on.

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