Jimi Hendrix

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The first shot is Jimi’s original grave marker. Then, a long time ago, some guys tried to dig him up. So they moved the body, and not the marker. Now they have erected the monument in the second photo. (Apparently where they had moved him to). The original head stone is there, as is the sun dial. And it is a family plot. This is in Renton, WA. The sad thing most people don’t know, is that his birth mother is buried in the same graveyard in a unmarked paupers grave. The third photo is the memorial statue in Seattle, WA.

Jimi Hendrix hated Seattle, and could not wait to get out! LOL

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    Legend. RIP.


    Jimi and I share a birthday: Nov 27th


    Also Bruce Lee


    And me. Weird, isn’t it? I swear, jimi got all the music talent and bruce got all the fighting skills. But hey, I do have something they don’t: I’m alive, and they’re both dead. Thats gotta count for something.


    dewd wtf. i had no idea i lived so close to so many awesome ppls’ graves! course i just moved here like a year ago but still wtf!


    And Jim Morrison’s grave looks like a pauper’s too.. all defaced and stuff now.. Truly sad..


    in my line of work, i review lots and lots of legal instruments, and the other day a coworker uncovered Jimi’s probate.



    too bad Hendrix sucked, huh?

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