Burning Man

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    Ugh. While I’m sure the event might be interesting, nothing heightens my hate like hippie hedonism.


    Egads! Peaceful folk enjoying themselves! Someone get them a cable TV and some guns so they can start acting normal again.

    Chill out, dude. Nothing wrong with hippie hedonism in moderation. 😛


    Poppycock! There is no moderation in Burning Man. The festival is hypocritical in its counterculture insinuations. It’s a bunch of drug addicts and their dealers looking to make a couple of bucks. Almost 50 thousand people pay $200 or more for this corporate event. They are fooling themselves if they claim that this festival is about anything else than getting high. The man that burned the wood sculpture before it was supposed to be? That’s counterculture. Try submitting art to the festival that is subtly subversive to the event and its participants. I’m sure it will be warmly accepted. I… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I agree that the event organizers have gone corporate. But if you actually have to pay cash for drugs at Burning Man, you are seriously doing something wrong.
    I wouldn’t drive across the country for it, but I went every year when I lived in Reno. For $200 its a great way to spend a week.


    Well, I don’t feel up to giving some baby boomer that hasn’t showered in three days a blowjob, so yes, I am going to pay for drugs if I went to this thing. Kidding, of course. What I guess you’re saying (since I will never attend this thing) is that people bring their own stash and trade/give freely among others. Well, TANSTAAFL. The drugs came from somewhere, someone had to buy them. So my theory of the event being a dealer’s heaven is shot down due to ignorance (thankfully). Sue me. Better yet, make an effigy of me and burn… Read more »


    Look. All politics aside, it looks like a lot of fun to me. The event may be corporate, but the people who turn up don’t seem to be (I’ve never been) and it seems to be a lot of fun for all involved, which is really the point. Burning man is about politics and philosophy and art and things, but it’s also about a bunch of hippies having a party, and you know what? I say good for them.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Since you’ll never go, you’ll never need to know this, but:
    if you plan things right you can barter with regular items. Condoms are like gold and pudding snacks will get you some action.


    @ reboot
    The pussy I could get from a pudding snack is pussy I would never fuck. Plus, I’m married with child. So, plan is…
    1- Bring tons of condoms
    2- ???
    3- Profit!

    @ brisingre
    All politics aside, and Burning Man is about politics. Hmm…
    NASCAR, monster truck rallys, drums circles (and Burning man is just a huge drum circle), stadium concerts, etc. Too many inhebriated dumb people. I like my parties a little smaller.